Tell her the truth about her weight, and other duties of a man in a relationship!

Learn the truth about what your girlfriend expects from you

Do you still think that girls love those who look after beautifully and earn good money? Right think, well done! But I hasten to surprise you: far from all the criteria by which ladies evaluate gentlemen are known to you.

A survey was conducted, in which women and men participated, and everyone finally found out what representatives of different sexes still expect from the relationship. They did it simply: they asked us to evaluate the usual requirements in a pair on a scale of 1 to 10, where 1 is “completely optional” and 10 is “vital”.

Then, the obtained data were compared with the answers given by men to identical questions. They also revealed points in which male and female opinions differ.

And now, what turned out to be really important:

What should a man do in a relationship?

  • Bring home after a date
  • Look decent: wash your hair in time and monitor the condition of the nails
  • Be able to make her laugh
  • Buy her medicine in case of illness
  • Keep your word: call at the agreed time, etc.
  • Take care: ask if she’s cold, hungry
  • Give flowers on the anniversary of dating, birthday, February 14 and March 8
  • Pay a taxi if he puts her there
  • Make her romantic surprises
  • Make good money
  • Always pay for her in a cafe
  • Introduce her to parents
  • At least every three days to say that he loves
  • Be engaged in the maintenance of her car: pour oil, washer and what else is there
  • Notify her of her whereabouts at her request
  • Open the door in front of her / open her car door
  • Want children
  • Pay for repairs to her car in the event of a breakdown or accident
  • If necessary, buy her pads and tampons
  • Respect her friends – do not let out jokes and remarks addressed to them
  • Never say, “Your closet will burst soon” when a girl whines that “there is nothing to wear”
  • Buy her clothes
  • Do not like other girls on social networks
  • Remember the birthdays of her relatives
  • Post your joint photos on social networks, notifying everyone that this man is busy
  • Pay for her friends if they are with you in a cafe at the same table

And here are the points in which the opinions of men and women diverged

  • Introduce her to your friends

Yes, you need to introduce her to your friends.
The creature girls are inquisitive. They want to know everything, including the friends of their lover. Not that the lady is very interested in what kind of whiskey her mate’s school friend drinks, just for a woman getting to know her boyfriend’s comrades is an indicator of relationships. When a man introduces a chosen one to friends, she takes root in the opinion that the novel is moving in the right direction. If he does not do this, thoughts creep into the female brain that she is shy, she is not good enough, etc. It would seem that everything is simple and logical, right?

  • Lie and answer “No” to the question “Am I fat?”, If in fact it is

No, you don’t have to pretend that it is not fat.
But this is unexpected. Remember how many times you lied to your girlfriend that the white didn’t fill her, although it was obvious that the kebab she had eaten last week did not benefit the figure? So, the good news: you no longer have to lie! Well, that is, of course, it is necessary, but much less often! In other words, men consider lying in this situation mandatory, while women – only desirable. However, to run to her, waving an article on the go, and shout: “I always considered you fat!” – I do not advise you either. Better go get it with your friends.

  • Notice that the girl lost three kilograms and cut her hair five centimeters

Hooray, you can ignore her new haircut!
The next point is again about appearance. The times when a man could be offended because he did not notice the new color of the varnish on the nails of his girlfriend were gone forever. Today, the fair sex is not so demanding on the care of cavaliers – it is enough for them to come on a date and not be confused with a hairy biker at the next table.

  • Coming to visit her, pretend that you love her cat, although this is not so

You can honestly admit that you are allergic to her cat.
We always thought that the rule “If you want a woman – bear her cat” works flawlessly. But, as it turned out in practice, this is also not entirely true.

  • Accompany her on shopping

Leave her alone with shopping without remorse!
And the last, from the pleasant. It turns out that it’s not at all necessary to march after a shopping girl! Endlessly waiting for her at the dressing room, hanging on the railing at the entrance to the department and 15 times answering the question of which color suits her best – dark red or scarlet – all this is in the past!

By Cindy
November 1, 2019

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