Golden rules of women’s favorite

Everything is simple here: the list of rules in an indefinite order, observing which you significantly increase the chances (your own, not someone else’s) of a girl to like.

One caveat: if you are a hunchbacked beggar dwarf, these rules will not work.

  1. When you invite a girl out, do it personally. And look into her eyes. In the worst case, call. And never – a message on the social network, messenger and other Instagram.
  2. Treat the girl just like that – never expect anything from her in return. Spent a third of her salary over the evening? Do not demand urgent sleep with you, do not be offended if she does not understand your hints – endure silently and pretend that this is 1/100 of your expenses and humbly, with a smile, take her to a taxi.
  3. Hold her hand. Not constantly – you get stuck – but periodically. On airplanes and especially on the road. She likes it, and her friends secretly envy such obvious manifestations of care.
  4. Do I need to remind, but – open and hold the door for the girls. This also applies to cars: first open the door to her, then sit down yourself. By the way, since we are talking about the doors: the first man enters the elevator.
  5. There were times when a girl was met on a doorstep on a date (and she met her parents at the same time, vowing to return her daughter in parts in garbage bags). They were escorted to the threshold at the end of the meeting. Today everything is not so, but you are obliged to call a taxi to the house. As well as to clarify whether the girl got home intact.
  6. Always buy her trinkets – it doesn’t matter if you are at the supermarket, at the gas station or at the cinema. Buy at least a lollipop – the main thing that you remember and think about it, always and everywhere.
  7. Walking with a woman on the sidewalk? Always go by the side of the road – so you protect it from cars, spray and enemy bullets.
  8. Keep track of her car: check gasoline and oil, take it to the auto center. Her car is your car.
  9. Give her flowers just like that, for no reason and regardless of the stage of the relationship.
  10. Watch yourself. Shower, deodorant, decent haircut, well-groomed nails – a necessary minimum.
  11. Yes, do not forget about the pleasant aroma. Not a single woman has ever loved a foul-smelling man.
  12. Is she going for a long time? Wait patiently updating your Facebook feed. She is trying for you.
  13. Do this from time to time: stay alone with her, turn off the lights in the house, cut down smartphones, light candles – and just talk to each other. You will be surprised how much you can learn about each other.

Well, now you are fully armed. Act!

By Cindy
October 30, 2019

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