What fragrances do women really like

Let’s start with the spoiler: the main scent that a woman may or may not like is your own. And affecting this is not a good chance.

In 2003, employees of the University of Pennsylvania proved that men sweat for good reason. On female volunteers, pheromones with the smell of male armpits were tested for six hours. All as one reported that the smell soothed and relieved tension. The reason is evolution. Previously, women worried about male hunters and calmed down when they returned to the cave – along with the corresponding smell.

However, it is pheromones that have a calming effect, and not the smell itself (a product of the vital activity of bacteria). So do not think that you can forget about perfumes, antiperspirants and deodorants.

According to sexologists (and there is no reason not to believe them), for most women, the natural smell of a man is fundamental in choosing a partner – even more important than appearance. By the smell, women recognize men with a complementary composition of genes – the stronger the HCH (the main histocompatibility complex is the region of the genome that initiates our body’s immune response to viruses and harmful bacteria), the man differs from their own, the more attractive he seems to them, because offspring from such partners has the maximum set of protective genes.

However, do not lose hope. In addition to the natural smells of the male body, women are also attracted by others who can disguise your natural aroma – at least not the time.

The authors of numerous studies agree that more or less any woman will definitely like smells:

Fruit and wine. Bohemia, artists, muses and inspiration.
Tobacco Brutality, savagery and the edge of the law looming on the horizon.
Forests and meadows. Freshness, freedom and simplicity of nature.
Sea and salt. Captains, distant lands and adventures.
Fashion perfume, of course.

By Cindy
October 29, 2019

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