Is it possible to convince the spectacular blonde at the next table to fall in love with you at first sight?

Possible. But only subject to several conditions.

It’s not just about the tables in the cafe. These comments are universal and appropriate for a joint quest, and for the Bolshoi Theater, and for the plane.

Important note: these tips are for those who do not look like Ryan Gosling, James Franco, or who are now popular with girls there. Go to the mirror and honestly answer the question: “Do I look like Ryan Gosling or James Franco?” If the answer is yes, feel free to close the material and go to the nearest cafe. If negative, read on.

Important Note # 2: Make sure you really need it now. Because, firstly, girls instinctively feel falsehood and imitation of interest. Secondly, even if you manage to outwit her (and yourself), then it will only get worse. However, if the moral aspects do not bother you, it is not for me to judge you – act.

  1. Wait! Do not leave the mirror. Well, how are you dressed ?! The usual platitudes like crumpled shirts or sweaters in spools will strike the girl’s eyes faster than you can ask, “Can I treat you to a potato smoothie?”
  2. The same applies to shoes: clean shoes, sneakers, sneakers – the key to a healthy “tackle”. Follow them: here is material on how to care for white shoes, for example.
  3. And in general, at least once in your life, get acquainted with the recommendations of the stylist. Dressing beautifully, stylishly and, importantly, is more convenient today than ever in the history of mankind.
  4. Since we are talking about appearance, check the vegetation at the same time. It is mainly about the hairstyle and face. Make a habit of visiting a real barber once a month, who knows a lot about haircuts. You can talk about facial hair for hours, that’s why the main thing is: you need to take care of your beard even more than your smooth-shaven face; if the beard does not grow, do not torment yourself and others – shave. Or transplant hair from the back of the head.
  5. Fragrances. You must smell delicious and proper.
  6. Smile In attracting the attention of girls of questions, a smile is indispensable. By the way, work out at home in front of the mirror (in general, you can spend a little more time in front of the mirror for more than 5 seconds per week).
  7. You can attract a stranger’s attention with the simplest life hack: fix your gaze not directly on her, but slightly off to the side (for example, on a floor lamp or a waiter standing behind her) – her peripheral vision will catch that someone is looking at her and she will instinctively look at you . And you, all like it had nothing to do with it, instantly look into her eyes – like “it was you who looked at me first, but hello.”
  8. Cheek brings success. Just do not confuse courage with arrogance and even more vulgarity. Insolence is an unceremonious violation of her personal space by sitting down at a table. It’s vulgarity to accompany it with a pick-up phrase. Courage is not to drift when you still attracted the attention of a girl you liked.
  9. Modesty also takes – if not cities, then girls. Do not impose yourself, do not flirt, do not sit down like a pasha in anticipation of a harem. You are a well-educated intellectual who, albeit with difficulty, but makes contact, and all because she is so beautiful, cute and attractive.
  10. Get in touch with the context. Poor menu design, quality of extras of the quest quest, interior, turbulence zone – everything will come down, the main thing is not to freeze obvious stupidity. Rely on communication skills, common sense and a sense of humor. And better not buy her anything – now every second feminist will still be offended.
  11. Do not be discouraged if the attractive girl does not respond to your looks, smiles and attempts to speak. A certain percentage does not fundamentally meet in public places, others may be in a bad mood, others have a project on fire or they have just been abandoned by a guy. There are many reasons, and not all of them are in you.

However, all these tips are sheer nonsense, if a spark and chemistry between you and the other do not break out (call it what you want). The “like-dislike” effect is achieved due to a lot of biological, chemical, evolutionary and other presets – if you are at least three times Zac Efron, if the girl does not coincide with you “physics”, nothing will help. Okay, cunning: fame and fame will certainly help – but a completely different mechanism works here. However, if you are famous, you are unlikely to read it now.

By Cindy
October 28, 2019

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