Should I spend money on a girl, and how much?

The financial issue at any stage of the relationship between a man and a woman is very important. In many ways, it plays the role of a litmus test showing the participants in these very relations about which each of them assumes obligations. We all play our roles, both in society and in the family. For example, some men are so educated that they cannot help but pay for a girl in a cafe, even if they are barely familiar. On the other hand, if you pay for everyone, then no money will be enough. And what if you often meet different girls? And there are girls who make good money themselves, and it will not be difficult for them to pay half the bill in a cafe. Moreover, they see nothing wrong with that! So pay or not pay?

Should I spend money on a girl?
By and large, it’s up to you to decide. There is nothing wrong if you are generous and you have enough money, or vice versa – you are used to counting them. But the main thing is to choose a line of behavior and adhere to it until the end: for whom do you pay and in what cases. If you rush about, then this will not cause respect for anyone. And still no one respects people who are conducted on public opinion. That is, paying for girls just because this is exactly what does not conflict with the opinion of a certain handful of people is not very cool.

Consider the options for the financial issue between a guy and a girl at different stages of a relationship:

  1. You just met. Do you need money to make a first impression? If so, I have two questions. First: what are you worth if you have to pay to win over a person? Second: why do you need a girl who can be bought? A normal girl will understand if you offer to divide the bill. However, there is an unwritten rule: who invites, he pays. If you don’t want, that’s okay too. Just warn her in advance.
  2. You are dating. It is normal if you share the costs. If you really want to, you can give her gifts, but again – you need to do them right. If there are a lot of them and they are meaningless, then this is the same attempt to buy a good attitude towards yourself. During the relationship, you can not play games, but calmly agree on a financial matter. Moreover, you do not owe each other anything.
  3. At the stage of a serious relationship, such questions usually no longer arise. Most often, of course, the guy pays all the bills. In addition, a man, as a rule, earns more, and therefore gives the girl money for something. I know different harmonious pairs: somewhere only the guy works, somewhere both partners and they share the costs. Here it all depends on your and her beliefs. However, if a girl does not make a financial contribution to the relationship, she must bring something else – to take care of life, for example. In marriage, these are children and home. It happens and vice versa – a girl earns more. This is also not bad if the guy has prospects and ambitions.

How much to spend on a girl?
Again, if you spend all your money on a girl, you won’t get anything good. To be successful in women, a man must be self-sufficient. She will leave you as soon as she understands that you are doing everything for her, having scored on yourself. In addition, this way you will quickly launch your appearance and way of life. And this will also have an extremely negative impact on relationships with the weaker sex.

It is very bad when a guy is afraid to seem poor because of this, he is constantly trying to invite a girl somewhere or buy something for her. Or, according to the guy, the girl behaves too cold towards him, and this can only be corrected with gifts. Especially in our time, when at every step they offer you money and it’s very easy to get into debt, and then work on interest. Spending should be within budget. If a guy is not doing well with financial planning, then the appearance of a regular girl makes a huge hole in his wallet.

By Cindy
October 27, 2019

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