What if the girl is not listening to you

We all know that a man is traditionally given a leading role in a relationship – starting with the fact that he takes the initiative in getting to know each other and ending with the fact that he becomes the head of the family.
But very often from a man you can hear that a girl does not allow them to prove themselves as a leader. Why is this happening and how to be?


How to gain leadership in a relationship
Not everyone was born to be leaders when it comes to work or some kind of informal company. And this is normal, leadership qualities are also a kind of talent that not everyone has. But in relations with girls, all this is not necessary, just self-esteem is enough for you to begin to reckon with and listen to your opinion. However, it is precisely with him that problems arise – many will say: “I respect myself,” but if you take a closer look, it turns out that these same people absolutely do not value their time or their efforts. Let’s talk about this in more detail.

So what is self esteem? It is a habit in everything to rely only on oneself, independence from other people’s assessments and a willingness to part with people who show neglect. A person with such qualities will never say: “A girl does not obey me,” because he simply will not have such situations. But we all from time to time give slack … The main thing is to understand and correct it in time.

How does self esteem help to be a leader in a relationship? Respecting yourself and your efforts, you will not try at all costs to win a girl who is indifferent to you, who in your relationship likes only gifts or some other of your investments. A person with self-respect always looks at the back reaction (on how they relate to him), and does not try to “buy” or beg for someone’s love. In a word, in order not to have to rise from the very bottom, one should not go down there at the beginning of a relationship.

How not to lose your authority:
• Even in conflicts, try not to scream – it lowers the “price” of your words and makes you weaker. You can raise your voice, but do it calmly, do not scream.
• Do not allow yourself to be drawn into endless disputes – if you have made a decision, then go to the end. At most, you can explain your decision, but you do not need to look for arguments for a thousand of her objections and try to convince. Your word must have weight in order to be reckoned with, and your decisions must be clear and unequivocal.
• Do not expect constant initiative from the girl – if you passively expect her to figure out how you will spend the weekend, where you will go on vacation, where you will go in the evening, there will be no talk of any of your leadership.
• Do not start quarrels over trifles – constantly criticizing the girl or trying to “push” her in some unimportant matters, you risk developing a kind of immunity in her. Simply put, she will stop paying attention to your criticism. Your word will mean more if you rarely express dissatisfaction, but only on important issues. And there is no way to make concessions.

In a word, I want to say that there is no magical way how to make a girl obey and respect – respect, in principle, cannot be obtained by force or demand. It can only be earned by correct behavior, the firmness of one’s decisions and self-confidence.

By Cindy
October 26, 2019

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