The technique of relieving dating fear: 6 Simple Steps

You probably know firsthand what the fear of dating is. Everyone went through it, and almost everyone has it.

Therefore, I decided to create a simple instruction that will help overcome the fear of dating girls in 6 steps.

  1. Confess
  2. Accept yourself
  3. Work through the failure
  4. Work success
  5. Let go of expectations
  6. Go get acquainted

To better understand:

  1. Take a notebook and write down the most important thing while reading.
  2. Trust me. I know what I’m talking about.
  3. Record your progress.
  4. Start with the exercises at home, then go out into the field.
  5. Confess
    You are afraid, it is a fact. But perhaps you are fooling yourself and brave yourself. Admit that you are scared to think about dating.
    Here is a little test:
  • Are you afraid of meeting a girl?
    “Scary to come up and talk?”
    “Is there a fear of awkward silence?”
  • Are you afraid that they will leave and laugh?
    If you answered “yes” at least once, you’ve done well – frank with yourself. You can work out fear.
  1. Accept yourself
    To be afraid is normal. This is evidenced by all adequate people, including those whose work is associated with danger. There is a fear of performances that artists and speakers and teachers have. You just need to be able to work with him.
    Until you accept yourself as you are, there seems to be no problem. So say to yourself: “I’m scared to meet girls, but I accept myself.”
    This is an auto-training, so repeat this phrase several times until you speak it easily and freely, without hesitation. Write it several times in a notebook.
    “I’m scared to meet girls, but I accept myself”
  2. Work through the failure
    Decide what you consider a failure. What are you afraid of? What happens when you meet in the worst case scenario?
    For example:
    • She will not pay attention to you;
    • Looks like an idiot;
    • Publicly ridicule you;
    • Fail;
    • Call brothers;
    • Turns out to be a man.
    • (write your own)
    Remember that most people are non-conflict, therefore extremely polite in public. Most fears are contrived.
    But working through fears is good. Imagine all these situations in detail. As if they had already happened. Live them. Only then read on.
    How? Is all this so scary?) Think about whether something is lost.
  3. Work success
    Now imagine the most positive outlook – what can happen to you if you conquer your fear:
    • You will feel relief;
    • You will feel that you have overcome yourself;
    • Get positive from communication;
    • She will fall in love with you;
    • Give a phone;
    • In the evening you will have sex.
    • (add your own)
    Now imagine the positive outcomes in detail and live them.
    Wanted to experience this in life? Is it worth it to overcome fear?
    And by the way, you probably have more options with a plus sign than negative ones.
  4. Let go of expectations
    If you worked out the options well, then you already got some emotional experience.
    • You know that there is always fear;
    • This is normal;
    • Nothing bad will happen;
    • And there are many good options.
    So: do not wait for what will happen. Swing on it. Do not expect. Just go.
    Repeat several times:
    “I will speak with the girl – and be what happens!”
  5. Go get acquainted!
    Do not wait until the effect of the instruction and study passes. Apply as soon as possible! As soon as you feel inspired, go and get acquainted. After the first approaches you will understand everything yourself.

Go meet:

  1. Go to where there are a lot of people.
  2. Take a walk and look for a girl who will like it.
  3. If you see – do not wait. Go to her.
  4. While you are walking, repeat these six phrases – as a call to action.
  5. Come and speak!
    That’s the whole technique!
By Cindy
October 25, 2019

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