How to identify a hysterical girl and not fall into her trap

Whole legends go about hysterical girls. They say that there are almost the majority of such girls. This, of course, is not true, but everyone can run into a hysterical person. What’s bad about it? At first glance, nothing. But, just like from any toxic relationship, getting away from hysteria is all the more difficult the longer you meet. In this article I will tell you what hysterical madam are and how to identify them as soon as possible.

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A romance with a hysterical in the beginning can develop like a plot in a movie: incredible emotions, great sex and memories for life. The girl seems really special. You don’t understand how you can be so direct, emotional and artistic in a good way. She is cute, smart, a real tigress in bed, and sparks in her eyes. Life is in full swing from her, she has crazy hobbies, she impresses your friends.

Just a fairy tale. So long and fall in love. But happiness does not last long. Unbridled fun gives way to severe depression. This is a normal situation for a person with a psychological disorder. But this doesn’t make it easier for you, and the worst thing is that you don’t understand her at all – because of what she reacts to certain situations one way or another. This seems completely illogical.

Well and a cherry on a cake – tantrums themselves. She rolls up real concerts – although there is absolutely no reason for this – she constantly “leaves you” and returns, crying for no reason. In a word, it turns from a beauty into a monster. Her emotional state is amplitude swing.

Surprisingly, hysterical girls often turn out to be more attractive and more noticeable for guys.

To painlessly get away from hysteria is another problem. If it was a short affair and you have a girlfriend / wife, get ready, she will put everything out in public and arrange a performance with herself in the title role. She is capable of anything. If you go away from her to nowhere, it’s just that she won’t let you go: she will pursue, write your current one, pretend to be seriously ill, wait for you at the entrance. At these moments you will regret that you contacted her at all.

How to recognize a hysterical girl
This is quite difficult, especially if you have never encountered one before. The fact is that such behavior, as a rule, is associated with a developed artistry, so a girl can easily turn into a meek doe in the intervals between turning into a dragon. But there are ways to figure it out.
Early calculation of hysteria is an important skill. Because when a serious relationship has already arrived, it is extremely difficult to get out alive and healthy. Therefore, I will list below how to do this.

  1. Listen to her talk about the ex. Tantrums are always right, and their former men are monsters and tyrants. From her stories, blood runs cold: I want to immediately cover it with a blanket and feed it with chocolate.
  2. See how she gets along with people. A hysterical woman will definitely talk about family and friends. It’s hard not to notice that all these are people with disabilities.
  3. Take an interest in her childhood. Hysterics like to talk about their difficult childhood – this helps to cause pity and show what kind of heroine she is.
  4. Watch her daily behavior. That for you little things, for her can become a terrible tragedy and drama. The extra half a minute at the cash register in the store can cause her real anger, and a taxi driver who does not reach two meters to the entrance will receive a shaft of criticism.
    The most important sign of a hysterical woman is that she is never to blame for anything.

What was mentioned above can be noticed even in the first days of acquaintance. It is clear that in a serious relationship it is difficult not to notice a tantrum. The only difference is that in the beginning you see manifestations of hysteria that do not directly concern you. Of course, you can try to build a relationship with her in the hope of making her better. But if I were you, I would think carefully about this.

By Cindy
October 22, 2019

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