Was it love exactly?

I often encounter situations when a girl leaves a guy, and he begins to wonder why this happened. The conclusion in most cases is the same – she did not love me. In fact, such an opinion is erroneous. Yes, there are couples that are created by calculation, but more often than not people are united by sympathy, attraction, passion. Today you and I will try to figure out what happened to the feelings, there was love between you and the girl, and how to get your ex back

.Was there love?
Love is not a fact, it is emotions, feelings, chemistry. It must be created, maintained, strengthened, because feelings can easily cool. Understand, love can subside. Even with strong and great affection, people disperse, get divorced, despite the common property and children. But often boys and girls do not know how to maintain fire, how to develop feelings and save relationships.

Why does love pass? Love is a harmony between a man and a woman. When the balance is disturbed, discomfort occurs. He, in turn, entails the loss of attractiveness of one of the partners, passes interest in each other. That is what underlies the breakdown of relations. The following is a phase of mutual resentment and disappointment, which is accompanied by the following points:
• together or separately, you begin to see only negative in the partner;
• there is a feeling that the relationship is strangling you, that they have no chance;
• between partners daily conflicts and quarrels arise over trifles;
• individually, you feel more comfortable and calmer than together.

Someone decides to fight, finds the strength in himself to survive the moment of crisis. Most couples instinctively seek to alleviate their condition and diverge. And this does not mean that there were no bright and sincere feelings between them, just a man and a woman could not save them.

It is easy to understand whether true love was between you and the girl (wife). To do this, just wait a bit. A break is necessary so that the storm of emotions and negativity calms down, so that you and she can soberly and objectively assess the situation. Those couples in which there is a strong feeling have a great chance to return everything and establish relationships.

How to restore relationships and get your beloved back?
Very often, after parting, the guys commit a series of stupid things and mistakes that can cross out everything that was before and reduce the chances of success in the future. True love can be saved, for this you just need not to make mistakes and not make rash actions that are dictated by emotions and resentment.

Remember some important rules that will protect you from mistakes in the first stage after parting:
• Do not stoop to insults, gossip and humiliation. Even when the emotions calm down, the sediment from what has been said will remain, and will always stand between you.
• Do not be imposed. Do not stick, do not call or persuade her to contact. Give time when the girl is ready, she herself will get in touch.
• Do not rush things. If you love and plan to be together again, you should not immediately realize your plan, put pressure on it. This pressure and forcing events can lead to irreversible consequences.

The best you can do to save love is letting the situation go easily and beautifully. Do not bother, do not terrorize the girl, do not commit childish tricks. Let go, at least for a while. Yes, it will be hard, but you’re a man, gather your will in a fist. Take your mind off of thoughts and suffering, from digging yourself and making plans for her return.

The ideal solution is to take care of yourself. Self-development is useful to everyone and at any stage of life. Find a new hobby, go in for sports, travel, study, make new friends. Your improvement, becoming an individual, individual growth will undoubtedly force the former to pay attention to you, to think about whether she did the right thing when she left.

By Cindy
October 16, 2019

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