What to write to a girl so that she answer

I know that you are waiting for tips from the category of “how to meet a girl right now, without leaving home.” But the weather is still good on the street to arrange dates, and it is really possible to get acquainted, for example, on Facebook.

So in this article we will talk about online correspondence, and I will reveal a few tricks of such communication.

Firstly, emotions control the modern world, so it is necessary to make sure that correspondence with you does not leave the girl indifferent. It is worth remembering at any stage of communication: there is nothing worse than boredom. And the second: the online world has expanded so much in recent years that your messages for a girl really compete with the whole stream of information that pours onto us from the screen of a phone, tablet or laptop. For the same reason, it is worth dosing yourself. We consume information in different ways, so you have to calibrate each girl – it will be completely different in rhythm of correspondence.

Make an intrigue. Be unpredictable for a girl – so that she tells her friends that she never knows what to expect from you. Make sure that she does not fully understand what is happening. Try not to answer her message for a long time, and then suddenly write a lot, surprise her with an unexpected call, while she is typing a long message – surprise!

Do not think patterned. It is strange that most men think all the time about what would be interesting to write to a girl, but as a result they get lost on banal phrases, indecentness and stupid compliments. Need to stand out. In general, non-standard thinking is a big plus in life, and it should be pumped. Think not like everyone else, discard any templates.

Now let’s move on to practical tips and small tricks that are based on many years of experience communicating on the network. This may seem strange and wrong, but now you can not put an end to the end of the sentence. Moreover, the point gives any message a completely different emotional color than one would like in easy communication.

Do not write large sheets. Write in small messages and divide into paragraphs more than two or three sentences. Now people are not used to reading a lot, seeing a lot of text, she yawns and closes the correspondence. Periodically open the communication (“throw the ball to her side”) with questions like: “Have you agreed?”, “What do you think?”, “Don’t you find it funny?”, “Do you agree with me?”.

But you only need to remember the measure. Yes, you yourself can go over your messages and see if you are often with similar questions. But sometimes you can insert them after every third (approximately) of your answer. This opens up communication and includes your interlocutor. Because the girl can stop writing, because she can’t just come up with something to say.

I have already talked about intrigue, and this effect can be used constantly and at all stages of communication. But this must be done correctly. If you screw up the intrigue, it will leave a negative impression for a long time. Example: “I need to confess to something …” or “There is one secret that I want to reveal to you …”. In fact, as you yourself understand, there is no secret. More precisely, it exists, but only in the fact that you want to bring it to positive. After you started such a small intrigue, there are a lot of options that the girl will ask next. But regardless of this, you need to answer her with something like: “I appreciated how beautiful you were today”, “You don’t understand something: you’re just cute,” or something like that.

By Cindy
October 15, 2019

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