How to make the girl not to blow your brain?

Girls are the most mysterious creatures on the planet. You will never guess what can cause her inappropriate behavior and at what moment this will happen next time. You just had a nice conversation, and after a second she’s already offended by you, although you didn’t say anything and didn’t. This is familiar to any guy and almost everyone regularly suffers from brain blowing.

But is this normal? And most importantly – how to behave properly in such situations? Or is everything that works in this case just wait?

Why is she acting like that?
The funniest thing is that all the girls present the brain blowing as something natural – a peculiar highlight, which you just need to put up with. Like, it’s even useful. Such is the “educational measure.”
Sometimes, when another guy complains that a girl regularly blows brain, I ask: “How do you deal with this.” There is usually no answer. From this it is easy to conclude that girls blow your brain because they are allowed to. Say, if the child is not forbidden to eat sweets – will he stop eating them himself?

How to get rid of brain blowing?
For starters, stop letting her behave the way you don’t like. It means not to be a rag. If she is determined to scandal, besiege her: “Do you run over or want to find a solution?” If the second, then offer to change the tone and communicate calmly, listening to her position. You don’t need innuendo, so try to understand what is bothering her and do what you can. If the first, then the best way out is to eliminate oneself. Leave her alone with your demons, just leave the room (it is better to go for a walk). Give her time to cool down and realize her wrong. “Back to the conversation, when you will be able to speak humanly.” As a rule, this brings girls to their senses.

No need to get involved in a scandal – so you yourself stop behaving like a man. Especially you should not start screaming, insulting her and waving limbs. But it’s not worth it to consider all her claims far-fetched. Perhaps you missed something and you really should analyze the situation. If she constantly strikes at one point – it means something is bothering her.

Of course, she, too, is wrong in that she cannot normally discuss problems, but this can be learned over time.

  1. Do not give vent to emotions. Do not talk in elevated tones. If at the platoon – dumped for a while on business, let him calm down.
  2. Evaluate her requirements – whether they are compatible with your desires. If this is hysteria for the sake of hysteria, do not be fooled by it.
  3. Follow, if promised. If you do not do what you yourself said, then her claims are quite understandable. If you do, but only after they remind you several times – even more so. It’s your fault.
  4. Be yourself. You do not need to go on about her just so as not to quarrel, otherwise she will understand that this is a tool. If you have a clear position, then stand on it until the end. Otherwise, it will always bend you.
  5. Use humor if it takes the brain out of a sudden mood swings. Do not be annoyed that she is sad and she is tormenting you with this. Better change the subject and amuse her.
  6. Perhaps the problem is in it. She does not value and respect you, while she is inadequate and cannot realize it. Just run.

See how simple it is? Although in practice, this may not be so. The fact is that women are simply more cunning and smart than men. You understand this when you start to play your own game. The problem is that you need to really change in order to start acting like a man. And for this you need to constantly develop and pump.

By Cindy
October 14, 2019

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