Are you a fat middle-aged man? Get ready for success with women and long life!

New research will turn your attitude towards your own life!

Professor Richard Bribiscas from Yale University is ready to change your attitude towards your own life, because, as his latest research shows, middle-prone middle-aged men are more resistant to diseases compared to young and pumped-up dudes from fitness clubs.

First of all, this life-affirming statement applies to middle-aged fathers. Often, after the birth of a child, a man gains weight due to a drop in testosterone. Thus, the body signals the man that he needs to take care of the offspring and lead a more secure lifestyle.

But those who do not crawl out of gyms, manically build muscle and do not give themselves slack, are at risk. The study showed that their likelihood of becoming victims of heart disease is 50% more than those who lie at home on the couch and relax.

As a result, it is plump fathers who live to an advanced age and invariably, due to the absence of pumped-up rivals, are popular with women. So keep lying on the couch: every day your popularity will grow!

By Cindy
October 13, 2019

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