Never do that! Stories of real girls about the worst dates in their lives

Girls tell terrible stories about first (and often last) dates.

Life is far from perfect, and often the date does not go as you intended. Although, it would seem, you even put on smart sneakers!

But if even 50 years ago a girl after a bad date could only share her feelings with her friend, now she will share them with the whole world! This is greatly facilitated by social networks, such as Twitter.

So keep in mind the mistakes of your gender and never commit them yourself! And in general, try to ensure that even after a single meeting the girl has about you if not pleasant, then at least a neutral memory.

“He said that I ate too long, and now he will have to pay for the extra hour of parking.”

“We went to the bar and ordered a beer. After 20 minutes, his mother, brother and two friends joined us. I stood for 10 minutes and left. “

“He said:” My daughter had BEAUTIFUL hair, and now … now you have it. “

“She started dating again after a two-year relationship. The guy said that he loves me at the first meeting. “

“He was 2 hours late, said he wanted two children from me, and admitted that he was late because he drank alone.”

“A guy on a date asked what kind of girl she was in the photo on my phone, and said she was sexy. That was my sister. She is in 7th grade. ”

“He went to the toilet and from there sent me a message:“ Better you call Uber. ” It turned out that he described the pants and was embarrassed to return. “

“He was convinced that it was he who invented the Rodeo Burger and that Burger King stole his idea. He also kept asking how many children I want. ”

“Rich, but boring. An ideal gentleman – before he went through a craft beer and asked if I like anal sex. I said no”.

“He had a baseball bat in his car with the inscription:“ For those who create problems. ”

“He came in a suit on a new BMW and drove me to McDonald’s, refused to eat inside and made me pay for my nuggets.”

“Once a guy spent 10 minutes UNDER THE TABLE, allegedly trying to fix it so that he would not swing, but really just being afraid of a conversation.”

“He complained nonstop about his ex. I gave him the psychologist’s phone and left. ”

“When they brought the bill, he said that he knew that my cocktails would cost $ 7. Then he looked into his wallet and said that he had lost a credit card. ”

P.S. After all these stories, do you still want to go on a date, but don’t know how to call a girl – by phone or message? Then carefully study my articles!

By Cindy
October 12, 2019

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