Kissing bad? Then I have sad news for you

Scientists made another crushing blow to our personal lives!

In our eternal and ephemeral desire to make sex better, brighter and longer, we completely forgot about such an important component of courtship, like kisses. Meanwhile, a terrible thing emerged: kisses are not just an important stage of courtship. This is the fateful stage of courtship, on which in many respects it depends, whether it comes to intimacy or becomes frozen by a platonic statue …

Scientists from the Department of Experimental Psychology of Oxford conducted a study in which they determined the preferences of 724 people in the field of courtship. Each study participant was offered profiles of potential candidates with their brief characteristics, consisting of several points. One of the points was the talent for kisses: the candidate kisses poorly or well.

It turned out that for most women this characteristic is crucial! And for a long-term relationship, and for a short romance, women invariably chose a man who kisses well, even if his other characteristics were lame.

But for men, the assessment of the kissing ability of a potential partner was far from so important. If the girl suited them by other parameters and appearance, they were ready to close their eyes to the fact that she does not kiss well (especially since people, following elementary biological laws, kiss with closed eyes).

You don’t know if you kiss badly or good? Let’s proceed from badly (only no offense). Then you will not be amiss to read a few kissing techniques.

By Cindy
October 11, 2019

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