Science has confirmed: your ideal girl laughs at the same jokes as you

Scientists have found out what you mean when you say that a good sense of humor is important to you in a girl.

Often, when describing an ideal partner or partner, people say that it is important for them to have a good sense of humor. As Jeffrey Hall, a communications expert at the University of Kansas, found out, by “good sense of humor” we actually mean “the same as mine.” Yes, that’s so self-absorbed.

Jeffrey, of course, did not draw a conclusion from the ceiling: he analyzed 39 studies regarding the role of humor in relationships. In total, more than 15 thousand people took part in the studies. As a result, Jeffrey found out the following: “You don’t have to be a humorist at all – it is important that the same things make you laugh in everyday life.”

In other words, if a girl likes Stand Up, and you like Charlie Chaplin, then she has the right to decide that you are not the owner and carrier of a good sense of humor. You just have to laugh at the absurdity of the situation. Or watch great comedies that you most likely have not seen.

By Cindy
October 10, 2019

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