Your success with girls depends on how you write messages!

Researchers found that women do not forgive the extra point and lack of a comma.

Once upon a time you could meet a girl at a knightly tournament and impress her with how the spear pictorially passed through your eye. Later they met the girls at the balls, where the chosen one could be struck by the ability to masterfully dance the quadrille (although the spear in the eye and at the ball would have been a success).

Nowadays, most acquaintances happen online: either on social networks or on sites specially created for communication – we will call them dating sites for simplicity. The only thing you can hit a girl at an early stage of dating online (in addition to, of course, her photograph with a pumped-up torso and a shark in her hands) is correspondence. And correspondence, as it turned out recently, is a dangerous occupation.

In a study commissioned by a dating site, 9 thousand site users participated. All of them are in constant correspondence with other users, and sometimes such invisible communication turns into a full offline date. But not when a man writes illiterate: 65% of the women surveyed directly stated that they would not respond to messages from a man who writes with obvious grammatical errors, or even boasts of it.

Therefore, carefully monitor how you write the words – they can cost you a date. At the same time, do not abuse points in the pursuit of literacy. In our age of emoticons and emoji, the ascetic point is not associated with severe male restraint, but with sociopathy. The same study showed that the first message in a correspondence that ends with a smiley or exclamation mark has a 10% more chance of an answer than what ends with a period. So try in your correspondence with strangers to be not only competent, but also friendly 🙂

By Cindy
October 8, 2019

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