Scientists have found out when exactly the women around you seem unattractive

Yes, yes, it turns out, and there are such moments!

Another news from the world of curious scientists who climb into all the cracks of science, trying to solve the mysterious mystery of human nature. The last study makes you seriously think: it turns out that if you are in a stable and happy relationship, all the women around you, except yours, will seem to you much less attractive than your single friends.

Recently published the results of a study conducted jointly by researchers from New York and Rutgers universities. To participate in the experiment, scientists selected 131 participants – all heterosexual and consisting in happy monogamous relationships.

Each participant was shown long and tedious photographs of people of the opposite sex, with first showing original photographs, then a photograph of the same person, but slightly changed for the worse and for the better. It turned out that after some time, having lost vigilance, the participants began to argue that the original is a photograph that depicts a degraded version of a person in Photoshop.

Thus, psychologists have shown that those people who are in a happy relationship tend to perceive other individuals of the opposite sex as less attractive. Scientists have suggested that nature protects your psyche from any seductive blondes in red dresses, urging you to calmly breed and raise offspring in your stable pair.

By Cindy
October 7, 2019

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