20 ways women try to control men(2)

She shows her emotions easier
Emotions are contagious. One laughs – everyone is smiling, someone yawned – drowsiness attacked everyone. Women do not seek to hide their emotions as something obscene and easily convey their mood to everyone around. And at the same time she rolls a package of her proposals, which would be no better than yours if you spoke a little more emotionally.

Common sense in her more often prevails over principles
Paradoxical as it may seem, the tendency to logical thinking makes men often behave illogically. You tend to create action programs for any situation. Suppose if you are a gopher hunter, then, seeing the gophers, hit them with a stick on the scruff of the neck. By doing so a hundred times, you will do the same one hundred and first, and you will not be stopped by the fact that the gopher had blue eyes and a small crown on its head. Women are less likely to be guided by the program; they are more often oriented according to the situation. And often this is a winning strategy, although it creates a fair reputation for the eccentric and unpredictable.

She’s scared of being a bitch less than you’re scared of being a bastard
The reputation of the bitch does not spoil the professional prospects of the lady. On the contrary, it is generally accepted that the bitch is the very star of the female league that managed to overcome the sluggish female pliability and possesses the bestial grip necessary in modern business conditions. While the reputation of a bastard and a scoundrel in two accounts can ruin a man’s career.

She is a one-on-one person and does not know how to work in a team
A more miserable sight than women’s football is, of course, only women’s hockey. Ladies absolutely do not know how to abandon their “I”, becoming a cog in a perfectly working machine. And this is the weakness of women’s groups, but the strength of one and only woman for whom She is always She, and all the rest are just all the others. Therefore, where a man will put up with an unpleasant business for him, if this is for the good of the team, the woman will prefer her own game with the maximum win for her.

She can forgive worse
Long memory in women is better developed than yours – elephants envy. All the mistakes and shortcomings, all the insults and tactlessness committed by others, the girl mentally puts in a very black notebook – not in order to ever take revenge, but to know well what this or that person is capable of. Twenty years of your humble monasticism will not erase from her memory the fact that you flirted with a waitress on your third date. But the woman is much less likely to step on the rake, once again trusting someone whom it was not worth trusting.

She’s not afraid to seem weak
The system administrator with dull obedience answers the young lady what kind of box it is and which button should not be poked for anything. Male co-workers in the meantime thank the higher forces for not being women. By the way, they themselves do not really understand very well how the box works, but they would never even think to sign publicly in such a shameful circumstance. Therefore, women who are usually not shy about asking, admitting that they haven’t understood anything, and demanding clarification in simple words, are often better at completing new tasks. Lost, they calmly turn to the natives with a request to show the way, and do not die from scurvy and exhaustion at tangled intersections.

She needs less sex
No matter how modern girls may have fussed about their passion and sex appeal, in this matter they are not suitable for you. The difference in our sexual needs was accurately described by Stephen Fry in his novel Hippo. “I want people to accept the simple truth: men like sex, but women don’t. When my friends hear this, they immediately begin to argue. They assure that the anonymous hook-up is a complete bastard; just two days ago they came across a man with an ass almost like Mel Gibson’s, and everything was wet there. Two days ago? What about two minutes? How about every single minute of every day that is scattered ?! ”Therefore, communicating with almost any woman, you are not able to stop thinking about what bra she is wearing and whether she likes the pose from above. Therefore, you so often give in to them when you should not give in.

She apologizes more easily
To plead guilty is always a defeat. And if you don’t tolerate anything, it’s a defeat. The terrible ritual “ask for forgiveness” for a man is always a test of strength (especially if you need to apologize to another man). For most women, asking for forgiveness is as easy and natural as sneezing. We carry out this action mechanically, almost without thinking.

She is more careful
Who does not risk, he will not drink not only champagne, but also potassium cyanide. You highly appreciate the winners who were not afraid to take a chance. But do not forget that a large part of the soil consists of the remains of those who also risked, but much less successfully. A woman is less reckless than a man, especially when it comes to the fate of people for whom she is responsible.

She submits easier
The self-esteem of women is much less dependent on what step of the social ladder they are. Moreover, subordination for us means much less than for you: the phrase “the boss is always right” seems to us a very dubious statement. When a superior person appears in the room, the woman does not accept a bowed and pinched pose of submission, her posture and gestures hardly change depending on whether she speaks with the janitor or the president. Therefore, the stress of having to be subordinate to women is almost unknown.

She is kinder
In general, women do not like to walk on corpses. And the point is not in high stilettos, but in the fact that the sight of defeated and destroyed enemies pleases our heart much less than yours. To pursue the victim, finishing it, is not of a female nature. If the enemy is no longer a danger, a considerable number of ladies are quite capable of even sympathizing with him. Here is how a man imagines perfect revenge: “I stand with a gun over the defeated villain, slowly, voluptuously aim and put a bullet between his eyes. That’s all, happiness. You can still rip out your heart and gobble it up, but these are the details. ” The woman’s ideal revenge looks different: “I am leaving the evening party accompanied by a fabulously beautiful millionaire and getting ready to get into a shining limousine. Then a scoundrel walks along the street – about forty kilograms thick, in curlers, with a string bag from which a bottle of yogurt sticks out. After friendly hugs and a conversation in which it turns out that the scoundrel had left her husband, they kicked her out of work and got woodworms in the house, I attach her to work as a secretary in a partner company and give the phone to my beautician. ” As a result of enmity and revenge, a woman gives far less power than a man. Of course, she is capable of both meanness and dirty tricks, but she is not peculiar to take serious risks for the sake of an ephemeral victory over the enemy.

She copes with stress easier.
Many types of purely ladies’ activities are meditative in nature. Painting nails, wiping off dust, knitting, relaxing in a bath with aromatic salts – women give a considerable part of their time to these monotonous, measured actions that do not burden thoughts too much. In addition, it was women who, for the most part, mastered the art of bibliotherapy – machine reading books, often almost meaningless, with the help of which they completely disconnected from the outside world. You, in order to get away from the problems that have settled in your head, you need to either hang around the pears in the gyms, or get drunk in the trash in the bars. And women achieve much more effective results in much less energy-consuming ways. Once you sort through a couple of kilograms of millet at your leisure – and the Truth will be revealed to you.

It adapts easier
Sociopsychologists consider the female leadership style conservative, and the male one revolutionary. Nevertheless, women are much less conservative when it comes to a fundamental reorganization of their universe. A man knocked out of the usual rhythm of life is often unable to accept new rules. A psychologically more flexible woman will be able to adapt where even cockroaches cannot survive.

She’s just wonderful lying
The speech apparatus of women is arranged a little differently than the male one, as researchers of the 60s of the last century established it. The main difference is that the speech centers in our country are less actively connected with the main centers of memory, so saying what you don’t think is almost a natural process for women. Unlike you, whom the need to lie always makes you internally tense.

By Cindy
October 6, 2019

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