20 ways women try to control men

You obviously experienced half of these methods on yourself. Read and replenish useful knowledge to confront.

A man can be compared to a tipsy big man in a plaid shirt, who is ready to move his fist to the cheekbone with a growl, but will soon calm down and lie down peacefully in the nearest puddle. The woman looks more like a hired killer who wears noble silk, never raises her voice and smiles warmly at everyone, but it’s worth it to gape – and your appendix is ​​already wrapped around the hypothalamus, and your relatives agree on discounts to the funeral homes.

Previously, when women were more concerned with children, it was still somehow balanced. On the whole, they reasonably conceded the right to fight, plow, and rob banks, they themselves stayed at home, quietly multiplied and buzzed at the husband’s new hood, shoes and that he would certainly slaughter the ugly Duncan and take his crown, at the same time raising taxes in Scotland. A considerable part of the most important historical decisions was born not in parliaments and assemblies, but in the mischievous heads of wives, mothers and favorites, who were officially interested only in embroidery on velvet, and unofficially – controlled their crowned men with a tail and a mane.

Now they have even ceased to disguise themselves: more and more social, political and economic spheres are actually under the control of women. Advertising, PR, marketing, customer service, headhunting, personnel management – in all these fundamental areas of modern business, women begin to play the first role, and men dutifully give them the reins of government.

However, not everything is so hopeless. Men can borrow many purely feminine tricks — and in this case, they will be quite ready to compete with the fair sex. Many well-known sociologists speak of such a symbiosis of male and female behavior as the most successful strategy in management.

Look at what methods she uses to beat you (it doesn’t matter if we are talking about a career or a relationship). Maybe some of them will seem to you not so stupid and unscrupulous that they could not be taken into service.

She is not eager for power
The role of the gray cardinal is given to women much easier than men. Initially, she is much less than you, requires the complete obedience of all the males in the pack. Therefore, it is more important for a lady that things are done exactly as she decided, and formalities such as ranks, posts and laudatory hymns in her honor concern an order of magnitude less. Therefore, a woman is ideally suited for the role of a competent puppeteer under the official ruler: without complexes and envy, she will program his actions, willingly remaining in the shadows.

She speaks better
No, she will leave our floor to shout slogans on the podium, inspiring the crowd, and shake the parliaments. This is a simple matter: you just need to have a powerful throat, a lot of enthusiasm and an intelligent speechwriter. She is much more interested in programming a lonely interlocutor in a private conversation one on one. The whole ladies’ verbal arsenal is used: the ability to pronounce words faster, play more often with intonation, the false willingness to give in to the interlocutor and thus convince him that he himself made a decision that was neatly shoved into his head half an hour ago.

She takes advantage of her attractiveness.

When was the last time you put on tight pants for important negotiations? Or at least a shirt to match the eyes? Meanwhile, the external attractiveness of a person causes greater confidence in his words and professionalism, and regardless of the gender of the audience. For male politicians, image makers have already managed to hammer this truth. All the rest so far naively believe that this is below their dignity.

She likes people more.
Women often pay attention to the appearance, clothing, manners and habits of others – simply because they like to study people and consider them more. They are also interested in the details of the personal life of everyone around: the health of the children, the behavior of the dogs and in what dress the cousin of the secretary married – with or without a corsage. Therefore, they have more information about employees, neighbors and acquaintances than you.

She knows how to flatter.
Flattery is a weapon of terrible power, and you and I perfectly understand this. But only members of some ruling parties and women are able to gather their courage and utter an impeccable praise song in their licentiousness.

“By the way, you’re absolutely right, we need a new refrigerator.”

Um … me? Right? Which refrigerator? When did I say that?

Well then! Remember, at the cottage you said that ours is freezing vegetables. Do not you remember? No? I then said that this is nonsense, although in general you should never argue with you when it comes to farming. You have an absolutely wonderful flair for this matter!

“Damn, I don’t remember …”

“You are so humble, you never want to show me that I acted like a fool … Honey, I adore you so much!”

She is easier to avoid competition
Imagine a boxer who, having entered the ring and thoughtfully examined his bestial opponent, says: “Listen, man, what are we going to spoil our faces with our fists as children? Let’s better go down and stuff our faces together with all these squishies in the stalls? ”It’s funny to you, but a woman behaves quite like that. When a strong personality appears in the field of vision, she often sees in her not an inevitable rival with whom to butt, but an excellent combat unit, a pair with which it will be easier to trample all life around her.

By Cindy
October 5, 2019

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