What muscles do women like the most? That’s what the survey showed

While you drive yourself half to death in the gym, pumping some of the widest and deltas there to amaze the imagination of all women without exception, these same women, it turns out, are looking at completely different places!

Frankly, most of the women don’t even know where you have these same deltas, and those that are likely to have fitness instructors will defeat you in arm wrestling. Why do you need that?

And women are not looking at what you think. And it is precisely these muscles that you should pay attention to when you think over your program in the gym.


The back won the competition. Mentioning her, women say something about strength and endurance. But let’s be honest, in fact the object of attraction is the very V-shaped silhouette, widely disseminated by popular culture. The happy owner of this can count on big preferences in the eyes of the weaker sex, as if he had just killed a couple of mammoths and already carried them to his comfortable cave.

Buttocks and hips

Surely, if it were not for the natural bashfulness of some of the participants in the study, it would be they who would occupy a leading position! Because women love no less than men to admire this part of the body.


Just like a developed back, well-designed shoulders can transform your appearance (on a secret female scale from “No, never!” To “Who is this handsome?”). The shoulders signal the woman that you can easily throw her on them and take her to the cave. Yes, and there you show yourself well done.


Do not think that you have safely hidden them under trousers! A trained female eye is able to distinguish the owners of taut, inflated legs from the owners of miserable chicken compasses. And the last, I must say, does not shine! Ideally, your legs should look like you can easily sit down a hundred times, and then run another five kilometers without breathlessness!

Rib cage

In old films, women strive to cling to their male breasts in search of consolation or something more incendiary, how it goes. And do you think they expect to feel the puny chicken breast there? Yes, that’s exactly how women call protruding chest bones in men.


In fact, the value of six cubes on the stomach is somewhat exaggerated. But what women really appreciate is the “Adonis belt” – the characteristic V-shaped lines in the lower abdomen. So you really try, shake the oblique muscles of the press!

By Cindy
October 4, 2019

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