Determine the character of the girl on the series that she is watching

“Sex and the City” or “The Magnificent Century”? Find out the truth about your girlfriend!

Warning! The material is subjective and even a little sexist – read carefully.

Have you ever paid attention to what series your girlfriend is watching until you watch “Game of Thrones” or “House of Cards” together? Perhaps he did. Perhaps I even looked out of a sense of solidarity with the female part of your couple for one or two episodes. But for sure, all that remains in your head after such a viewing is a lot of different women who discuss some problems.

And in vain. You should be a little closer! Because all the girls are not only different, but also love different series. Moreover, according to the series your girl is watching, you can judge her character. What we are now completely politically incorrect and do.

“Sex and the City”

The series, released in 1998, shocked the public not only by shamelessly raising and dissecting taboo sexual themes (for example, how the sexual mood in a couple will change if a partner accidentally farts), but also by luxurious outfits of four emancipated heroines. Therefore, if your girlfriend watches this series, with a high probability she:

obsessed with fashion and would prefer to buy new shoes over repairing water taps;
inclined to discuss your relationship with friends;
I am sure that a woman is primarily a person, not a wife or a housewife;
believes that first you need to make a career, and only then children.

Downton Abbey

The history of the relationship of the English aristocracy of the beginning of the 20th century with their own servants and a little bit with reality outside the abbey. The series is not replete with events (at least until the outbreak of World War I); the worst thing that can happen to the heroes is that they will not have time to change clothes for dinner. The girl spending the time behind this series is most likely:

possesses principles and is ready to defend them even to the detriment of her interests;
likes ceremonial courtship and chivalrous gestures;
believes that helping a less fortunate neighbor is a noble and obligatory matter;
prone to snobbery.


The heroines are typical millennials: selfish, narcissistic and presumptuous, believing that they all owe something to them just like that – why not? At the same time, there are really funny episodes in the series. In general, if you catch a girl watching “Girls”, know that maybe she:

puts their interests above the interests of others and yours including;
thinks that friendship is the right to use another person in full and sometimes to dance together;
despises the work of office clerks;
She dreams of discovering a mental disorder that makes her even more special.

“Desperate Housewives”

A kind of “Sex and the City”: minus fashion, plus a detective story. Four sexy housewives drag corpses and bury treasures in the scenery of idyllic sheared lawns and ornate garden fences. Does your girlfriend love this show? It is likely that she:

loves cleanliness in an apartment, but not against dirty sex (cheers!);
it is important for her that her reputation in the eyes of friends and colleagues remain unsullied;
believes that for the sake of friends you can go for anything, even murder (especially murder).

“A short course of a happy life”

The series of the shocking director Valeria Guy Germanica was a success. This is recognized even by those who did not watch it. Another question is whether such an immersion in harsh Russian realities is necessary for those who already live in harsh Russian realities. Therefore, if your girlfriend is watching this series, keep in mind that probably she:

thirsts for astrologers, and even sorcerers; at least believes in horoscopes;
may resort to manipulation such as threats to become pregnant or commit suicide;
believes that a man should bring money to the house or at least drink;
browsing your phone.

“Magnificent century”

Drama, conspiracy and intrigue in the luxurious halls of the palace of Suleiman the Magnificent! If she watches this series, most likely she:

your mother.

By Cindy
October 3, 2019

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