Do you like older women? It turns out that this is a special sexual orientation!

Scientists have found that sympathy for older women can be distinguished in a separate sexual orientation.

We are used to the fact that there are two orientations: heterosexual and homosexual. But it turns out that the world is much more interesting and brighter!

At least that’s what the professor at the University of Ottawa, Michael Seto, who published the results of his research, claims.

So, Michael claims that sexual interest in people of a certain age is not a whim, but a full-fledged (and separate!) Sexual orientation. In general, all those who, when choosing the object of passion, first of all pay attention to the age of the object, are called chronophiles.

Actually, people who are interested in young people – not decently young, but indecently young – can also be attributed to this group.

So, if you like older women (“older” means persons from 45 to 55 years old), congratulations! Perhaps you belong to a separate sexual orientation.

I hope this information has made your life a little easier and knowing it, you will quickly find the very one for yourself!

By Cindy
October 2, 2019

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