Scientifically proven: young partners will help you live longer

A study that will throw you in the arms of 20 year olds with tripled strength!

Of course, men do not need additional incentives and research to strive for relationships with girls much younger. These relations develop somehow by themselves and overtake, even if they are avoided.

But now even those who were opposed to relations with girls noticeably younger can not get out. Indeed, a recent study proved that communication with a young partner is not only fun, but also useful! (You don’t want to harm your own health ?!)

A scientist from Stockholm University conducted a study among Danish men over 50. It turned out that those men who are in a relationship with women at least 15 years younger live longer than the rest.

But there is a detail: the relationship must be permanent. Apparently, one-time adventures with your granddaughter’s peers are fraught only with constant stresses from having to visit a nightclub.

In general, if you are constantly attracted to 20-year-old girls, know that this is both natural and healthy.

By Cindy
October 1, 2019

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