Repel women? Maybe you need to stop eating these two products

Scientists have found out what foods make your smell repulsive for women. Finally!

The fact that it is on the smell, and not on the style of the haircut or the brand of the car, your popularity among women depends on, I have already told in detail. Fortunately, even such a weakly perceptible phenomenon as your own smell can be corrected (as well as the style of the haircut and the model of the machine). Moreover, all that is required is small changes in the diet.

Scientists at the Faculty of Psychology at Macquarie University published the results of their many months of research in a scientific journal.

Actually, the result can hardly be called revolutionary: scientists to improve the aroma, I’m not afraid of the word, they recommend the same sweat that your mother recommends to you since childhood. That is, eat more vegetables and fruits. “Very touching advice, thank you,” we thank and reach for the sausage.

I was interested in the results of the study another point – which products make the fragrance of the male body minimally attractive to women. In other words, as unattractive as possible.

It turned out that the culprit of low popularity among the opposite sex is carbohydrates. And most of all carbohydrates are found in two types of foods (breathless?): In white bread and pasta!

So, if you have a habit of biting pasta with a high-calorie bun, I recommend you say goodbye to it. Otherwise, you have to live with one boring wife all your life.

By Cindy
September 30, 2019

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