How to tame a jealous girl(2)

Fact No. 3
What is worse – to be an object of jealousy or jealous yourself? Jealousy, manifested in an aggressive form, gives a person a kind of excitement. Wanting to relive exciting moments again, a person subconsciously searches for reasons to regularly provoke attacks of jealousy at home, although he can be sincerely sure that he is suffering. The victim of jealousy, forced at any time convenient for the jealous to defend and justify himself, experiences a different gamut of emotions: depression and emptiness. A very characteristic point: usually the initiators of divorces are not at all jealous. It would seem that since you are so tormented by the wrong partner, drop everything and leave. But no, the jealous person is not at all inclined to part with the subject of his feelings — not so much out of love, but because of the habit of getting a daily dose of tasty and healthy adrenaline from this lamb.

Do not expect your jealous girl to calm down, making sure that you behave impeccably. If she throws you gratuitous scandals just a few times a week, know that even with wings and a halo, you won’t find peace and harmony. Not fidelity is expected from you here, but replenishment with pleasant, vivid emotions.

Fact No. 4
Nevertheless, one should not think that all jealous people have a sadomasochistic complex. Psychologists advise careful monitoring of the behavior of the jealous side. If a jealous woman does not make hysteria, keeps silence more and more, closes herself in, and searches for violent sexual reconciliation with you, this is a much more dangerous symptom. The depressive form of jealousy is an exhausting, painful state, which the jealous side simply has no way out of, since the tension does not find a discharge in the form of broken dishes, tears and an forgiving hug.

What a depressive form of jealousy is better than aggressive is that they really want to get rid of it. And just in this case there is a serious chance that the psychologist will help to cope with the situation — almost helpless when the jealous side receives subconscious pleasure from everything that happens.

Fact No. 5
Jealous are more faithful. The famous Austrian psychologist explains why this is so: “Most often, jealousy is caused by different levels of ideals. “She wakes up at a time when the more idealistic side sees that her partner is committing some actions that she considers unacceptable in close relationships.” The main complaint made by the jealous is: “I would never do that!” In addition, a person who is seized with a sense of jealousy is usually not able to concentrate on someone else: for him, the whole world has converged on this “unfit” creature. ” There is no need to relax. Further, the psychologist writes that many people who have cheated on their partner tend to avert suspicions of themselves because they are demonstratively jealous of him. Thus, these cynics seek to kill two birds with one stone at once: firstly, they force those who have every right to reproach them to make excuses; secondly, thinking up non-existent betrayals to their partner, they subconsciously justify their own misconduct.

If a girl calls you ten times a day from the very beginning of her acquaintance, meticulously asking what you are doing and carefully inspecting your car for suspiciously blond hair, that can be comforting in this difficult situation that you will most likely be true. But, if usually a serene girl like plankton, a girl suddenly begins to bite her lips and ask what kind of sinful connections you have with a cleaning lady, know that there is every reason to start worrying if extraneous chitinous growths have appeared on your head.

Fact No. 6
Jealousy can be dealt with by willpower. This is what a psychologist advises those who are tired of Mexican series in their lives. “It is important to understand that in a modern civilized society, a person cannot have any rights to another. And no marriage contract is able to cancel this circumstance. ” The psychologist advises the jealous to look at his partner, not as his property, but as a completely stranger, whose attention you want to get. Even if you feel that you have all the rights to complain, resent and become fierce, in fact you do not have such rights. Moreover, these complaints and threats will not end in anything good: now is not the time when unfaithful wives can be thrown into the Bosphorus Bay in a bag, but those who have changed husbands can be sent to church repentance.

The psychologist advises you to remember that in fact, there are only two ways for the aggravating side: either a break or a willingness to seek a compromise with a partner. In the end, either one or the other result will be achieved one way or another. There are no other options, so it is better to go this way faster, without decorating it with puddles of tears, blood of opened veins and bits of nerves of each other.

By Cindy
September 29, 2019

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