How to tame a jealous girl(1)

Some facts about jealousy with morality at the end. With my help, you will learn to eliminate the causeless jealousy of your wife and lover.

Fact No. 1
Psychologists believe that a feeling of jealousy is actually two very similar feelings, caused by completely different reasons. And one gender is inherent in each sex.

Male jealousy is the desire to be sure that your offspring are actually yours. Female jealousy is, above all, the instinct of the owner who does not want to share his property with outsiders. If the male protects the female so that she does not get a portion of completely foreign sperm, then the female protects the male to be sure: he will not drag pieces of meat to the side that she will eat with pleasure.

Therefore, for most men, the fact of physical betrayal is so painful, while a woman will be much more unpleasant if her partner sighs about another, even while preserving adultery.

When a man is pushed against a wall, demanding to finally confess, he often makes the same mistake. He says that yes, they met with Chrissy, she’s a wonderful, sweet, rare beauty, she has such a good chat, so interesting she talks about tapestries of the early Middle Ages … “But I didn’t sleep with her, I swear!” Such confessions are for the jealous – the knife is sharp. She would have reacted even more calmly to the message that, yes, you inadvertently sinned inadvertently with this stupid ugly person and you still feel nauseous at the recollection of this. Jealous women do not tolerate when their partner praises the mind, beauty or sensitive soul of another lady. For them, such compliments are already treason in itself. After such sincere stories, they start flipping through your notebooks and rummaging through social networks. But if a jealous man comes across a man who is inclined to scold and condemn all the women of the world except her, this clever man can literally do whatever he wants for quite a long time: half of him will remain in blessed blindness to the last.

Fact No. 2
A fascinating story from the life of distant relatives (biological study)

German biologists, observing marmoset monkeys, which are famous for their penchant for promiscuous sexual intercourse, found out that among this free-thinking people there are jealous people – both males and females. These individuals, having entered into a marriage, seek to protect the partner from the sexual attention of the rest of the pack. They aggressively attack everyone who approaches the spouse with obviously erotic intentions and at the same time is quite capable of giving a kick to the dearest half if she suddenly starts flirting with strangers. Stocking up coffee and sandwiches, scientists began to explore the animals further and found out two curious things.

Jealous females win
If the female finds that her regular partner is trying to retire with some insolence, she immediately attacks the opponent. In this case, a rival usually hastily retreats with a look of “not really wanted.” The male, trying to make amends and not get cuffs from the jealous, enters into immediate sexual contact with him, since, having flirted with the other, he is already in a fully combat ready state. Jealous females are therefore more likely to bring offspring, which are regularly cared for by a bent spouse.

Jealous males – lose
Jealous marmoset males behave in exactly the same way as jealous females, but the result of their actions is much worse. Attacking a potential opponent, the male usually gets a brutal rebuff, as a result of which he is decorated with battle wounds. Even if he manages to keep the female with him by threats and beatings, this does not save her from the attention of other males, so the jealous person is constantly forced to engage in fights. As a result, he, firstly, himself does not have the opportunity to pay attention to other females; secondly, it often turns out to be so beaten and bitten that there can be no talk of any kind of family sex. It all ends up that he licks his wounds in a dark corner, while the unfaithful wife retires to tastes with someone healthy and unbroken.

German scientists, as meticulous creatures, even made a diagram of winners and losers among marmosets:

  • “single” male (leader),
  • a jealous “married” female,
  • An uneven “married” male,
  • an uneven “married” female,
  • “single” female
  • Jealous “married” male (loser).

So, these same scientists from the University of Cologne argue that the same laws apply to human society. The maximum number of offspring with a minimum expenditure of effort will be an eared-playboy, while aggressive jealous people will spend more time than all others inerva time to protect their family happiness. And at the same time, the chance is very great that in the end they will be at a trough. At the same time, jealous women have a much better chance of preserving the family than their non-jealous friends.

A man should destroy the feeling of jealousy as completely unproductive, destructive and destructive for his well-being. Of course, it is not easy to cope with innate instincts, but if you regularly remember about the marmosets, then maybe something will work out.

By Cindy
September 28, 2019

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