Scientists have found out in which case you start to be jealous for no reason

The reason, it turns out, is still there.

A joint study by scientists from the University of Trnava and the University of South Carolina established why a man becomes more jealous and protective when his girlfriend puts on a red dress. (In the scientific world, with each study, it becomes more interesting!)

In general, so that you know, a man is inclined to monitor the views of other men cast on his girlfriend, as well as to make it clear to those around him that she belongs to him (let the feminists forgive me) to him. How zealously a man protects his woman from others depends on various factors – for example, on the depth of feelings or on the size of the girl’s chest. As the researchers found out, the security is increasing, it is worth the girl to put on a red dress.

In culture, red is associated with such dangerous phenomena as strict passion, seduction and a call for conquest. This fact is also facilitated by the fact that during sexual arousal, blood rushes to various parts of our body, staining them in different shades of red. Therefore, the researchers emphasized, women in red dresses arouse increased interest in men, even if a partner is next to them.

Scientists scored 223 pairs to participate in the study and tested each in an imaginary scenario (apparently, there was still not enough grant for the real scenario). The male half of the couple was asked to present two situations: in the first, his girl goes for a walk with friends without him and in a black dress, in the second, the girl goes for a walk without him, but the dress is already red. Then, with the help of leading questions, scientists found that in the case of the girl’s appearance in red, her man experienced increased anxiety and an increased desire to protect her from other men.

So if your girlfriend wore a red dress and dances at the bar, you have the right to be jealous of science. If she was in green – a completely different matter.

By Cindy
September 27, 2019

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