Scientists found another reason to be single

Family life is, of course, wonderful, but not at the cost of one’s own health.

Are you thinking of tying yourself with the bonds of Hymen (or what’s the name of the god responsible for the bonds) and living with one woman happily ever after, multiplying and multiplying? Think it over! Indeed, in addition to the obvious advantages of a single life, such as messy relationships and a cold dinner, scientists have just named the third. It turned out that it’s your idle life that helps you stay slim.

The latest issue of the scientific journal published the results of a study conducted at the School of Management, British University of Bath. Scientists wanted to find out how marriage and offspring affect a man’s figure. It turned out that in the most deplorable way. (Unless, of course, you have never dreamed of gaining extra weight all your life.)

In men who are married and have children, the body mass index is on average higher than their single compatriots. In addition, they quickly gain weight. Scientists took all these data by analyzing changes in their personal lives and personal weights of 8729 men, who were monitored from 1999 to 2013.

Apparently, men become victims of regular home dinners, and spend nights laying off fat on their sides in front of the TV, instead of burning it in nightclubs with mysterious strangers, as in idle years. In addition, when the wife becomes pregnant, the man begins to gain weight with her out of a sense of solidarity. True, then the unexpected happens: after nine months, the wife gives birth, but the man remains with his tummy.

By Cindy
September 26, 2019

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