What should be on your face so that a girl treats you seriously

A study by Australian scientists that concerns every man. (Yes, Australian scientists, but this is not a boomerang scar.)

Queensland University scientists have completed a study that will revolutionize your understanding of shaving. More precisely, this way: you can regulate your relations with women with the help of vegetation on your own face!

Researchers for several months showed 8520 women photographs of men with varying degrees of desolation of facial hairiness (I don’t know how to put it gracefully). They were smoothly shaved in these photographs, were very bearded, and were also with bristles.

Scientists asked to rate the man in each photo using a point system that characterizes the potential attitude to the man: does he look like the one with whom you can spend the night, or like the one with whom it is not shameful to spend life.

It turned out that the least popular among the women surveyed were smooth-shaven men. They were offensively described as effeminate. Men with bristles were very popular – it was with these that most women did not mind creating a fleeting affair. But for a serious long-term relationship gathered for the bearded.

So I wish you get bristles as soon as possible. But make sure that she does not turn into a beard, unless, of course, your plans do not include the creation of a family.

By Cindy
September 23, 2019

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