Secret women’s club reports which men are preferred by modern city dwellers

What attracts men most of the modern, picky women in the big city? How can a guy impress a pretty neighbor in public transport? Now I know!

Going to work in the subway can be boring. Here are the advanced London girls and came up with entertainment, so as not to be bored. With blind eyes, they snatched pretty guys out of the crowd, photographed them and uploaded pictures to a specially created Tubecrush website.

Hundreds of women quickly joined the project, who not only posted photos of guys on the site, but also gave them ratings and ratings, conducting a kind of permanent beauty contest among the most attractive men of the London Underground.

The girls would be so innocent and have fun in their circle, but once a male representative wandered into the site in unknown ways. And then it began! Men vying with each other began to accuse beautiful ladies of sexism and consumer attitude to the stronger sex. “Where is the attention to the soul, where is the respect for individuality? Asked the offended men. “If we filmed and evaluated you like that in a cynical way, you would probably be outraged, right?” To which the girls only shrugged shoulders and continued to replenish their collection.

However, most of all the content of the site was delighted by sociologists. This is what an array of valuable data disappears! The pundits of two universities at once – Coventry and Aberystwyth – rushed to analyze women’s preferences, relying on the huge collection of photographs that had accumulated by that time with affixed ratings from thousands of picky girls. And then they came to the conclusion – not to say that it was very original, but for many, undoubtedly, unexpected.

So, what does modern women in men like most?

Firstly, expensive clothes. Not necessarily an individual suit with an Italian silk tie – sports pants and sneakers from a quality brand work just as well. But fakes do not work: women somehow recognize cheap fakes and their carriers fall into the lower ranks of the rating.

Secondly, the muscles. Pumped up biceps, abs cubes and other achievements, then sweat and blood obtained in the gym, can be visible or hidden under clothes – this is completely unimportant. A muscular male will no doubt get his appearance plus a hundred or two points in the ranking.

Thirdly, a neat haircut. Attention: both words are important here! Even the softest and silky hairs to the shoulder blades and below do not make any impression on the girls in the subway. But the successful and fairly fresh work of the hairdresser is constantly mentioned in the reviews and allows the guy to score extra points in the eyes of the weaker sex.

And finally, the fourth point is tanning. By itself, it is not decisive, but with the previous three parameters, tanned guys are ahead of pale-faced competitors.

Well, among the traits that reduce your attractiveness in female eyes, glasses, a lean physique and deliberately cheap clothes are leading.

In general, it was not difficult to draw conclusions for scientists. “Women’s tastes haven’t changed as much as we thought in recent years,” said researcher Adrien Evans of Coventry University. – No matter what feminist politicians say, women measure masculinity primarily with money and physical strength. Indeed, expensive clothes and a good hairdresser are signs that a man is well-off. ”

Well, at this place someone can once again complain about female commercialism. And someone – to congratulate themselves on the fact that, despite all the feminist rhetoric, women’s preferences in personal life since the Neanderthal campsites have changed little.

By Cindy
September 19, 2019

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