One household item that can ruin your relationship with a girl!

No, this is not a raised toilet seat! Everything is much worse.

A dating site for married and married women has conducted a study, after which you will run to wear rubber gloves (unfortunately, not for sexual games).

As it turned out, 73% of the 10 thousand traitors interviewed decided to register on the adultery site not because their husbands cheated on them or did not pay attention to them. It turned out that they were not satisfied with the indifference of husbands and partners to cleaning the house!

That is, all these spots left in the middle of the room, socks and dirty cups with traces of jam can go sideways to you! Gradually, in a woman, forced alone to tame the chaos of disorder, the irritation of her partner and the desire to take revenge ripen. And there it is not far from treason.

Therefore, if you are a happy owner of a common life with a woman and your immediate plans do not include her infidelity, take preventive measures. If the budget allows, hire an au pair. If you prefer to put it on a trampoline with light music, be sure to take part in home cleaning. Alone, heroic garbage removal is not enough for harmonious relations.

By Cindy
September 18, 2019

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