Here’s how to get dressed so that the girl wants to see you again

Of course, all people have different tastes, ideas about the beautiful, and credit limits.

So, it is obvious that a girl with an extravagant taste will like it if a man comes on a date in a mime costume (and will make an order with gestures). Or, if they met in a community of bikers, it would hardly be embarrassing for a girl that a man had a date in leather trousers and with a skull in his hands. But we will consider not extreme cases, but some kind of average shy first date. When you are both not bikers, not mimes and not fans, but ordinary people who decide to drink coffee together.

This is where the throwing begins. Wear sneakers or adult boots? Is a tie a bust or, on the contrary, nothing? Wear socks clean or still yesterday? .. In general, I tell you how to dress on a date so well that the girl immediately wants to continue the date.

All the things you decide to wear on a date should be clean. Alas, despite the obviousness of this basic rule, some men still consider it optional to abide by it (by the way, the rule also applies to memes: the beret should be clean). No stale shirts, even if you put on just once and the mustard stain is not so noticeable. No socks unexpectedly found in the microwave. But jeans and sweaters may not be the very first freshness. And you do not wear a sweater on a naked body – therefore, it remains fresh longer than a shirt.

Of course, if you have a date once a year, I want to celebrate this business with all the appropriate fanfare – for example, to dress up in a tuxedo (especially since his wife just washed it). Do not. Having given preference to clothes that are alien to you, you will harm yourself first of all – you will feel constrained and uncomfortable. Secondly, you will harm the date: the girl will feel your tension and is unlikely to want anything other than a second cappuccino. But even if you feel nowhere more comfortable in a tuxedo (a situation familiar to every entertainer), leave it at home. Too solemn attire scares away all the sexual vibes.

Yes, relaxed style is now held in high esteem. But, believe me, not a single girl will like that you take a relaxed date with her. So you can put aside knitted sweatpants, hoodies and sneakers. Even if these are the same Premiata that you flew to Berlin for, taking work leave at your own expense. I’ll say a blasphemous thing now, but not every girl will tell if it’s Premiata or ordinary sneakers. The girl will think like this: “Yeah, he went on a date in sneakers, that is, pulled on the first one that came across, that is, he was not interested in impressing me.”

Keep in mind that sneakers are not the same as sneakers! Decent sneakers (without Bart Simpson on the sides) these days are equated with full boots. So wear sneakers boldly.

There is something right and vicious in a man with a tie on his neck. But the tie should be so impressively loosened, as after a hard day. Especially this technique works after a real day’s work: little excites a woman as much as a man who knows how to go to work (and if he also loves his job, then generally bingo). Well, it would be nice to have a suit attached to a tie, yet, for a tie-shirt combination, our society has not yet matured. The costume does not have to be expensive, its role can be played by a soft jacket without a lining in casual style and trousers (made of thick fabric, without binding arrows) are several tones lighter than the jacket.

The perfect combination: shirt, pullover with a V-neck, trousers made of thick fabric (not from a suit and without arrows), sneakers or “lightweight” boots – loafers or derby. Alternative perfect combination: an informal jacket made of soft fabric, a shirt, a tie, jeans, suede boots or derby shoes.

In general, the ensemble should not be pretentious, but not too relaxed. So that the girl understands that you were preparing for a date – so you immediately put her to you. And, importantly, let me know that you’re not crazy, which means you can be attacked without fear of unpleasant surprises.

By Cindy
September 17, 2019

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