12 real stories about the most idiotic dates in the world

Internet users once again share the most creepy stories of their dates.

Which of us at least once in your life did not go on a failed date? The inhabitants of Twitter not only visited, but also love to talk about it. So, the hashtag #MyWorstDate under which Twitterers talk about the worst dates that fell on their lot has been very successful.

But the world does not stand still, people continue to go on terrible dates. So I decided to make a fresh selection of stories about woe-dates, this time appearing on Twitter using the hashtag #WorstFirstDate. Read, be horrified and make sure that not only your dates resemble a circus (alas, not the acrobatic part, but the clown one).

“Once I went with a girl on a blind date. For the whole evening she did not say a word, silently finished her dinner and left. I got on the phone and found a message from the girl with whom we agreed: she wrote that she could not tonight. So who the hell am I having dinner with ?! ”

“While studying at college, a friend agreed on a blind date for me. I especially did not have the mood, because a couple of hours before I was sent a fine for violation of traffic rules. “The mood got even worse when I went on a date and saw that the guy I should meet with is a policeman who fined me.”

“He brought his parents on a date (he is 25 !!!). As if this was not enough, right in the middle of the dinner, his mother asked if I had finished eating, while taking out a food container from my bag and clearly intending to take the rest of my order home. ”

“On our first date, my husband choked on an omelet so that a piece of onion flew out of his nose. But I still married him. “

“The guy invited me to a date in a restaurant, but he constantly went away from the table – either to the toilet, or to talk on the phone. At some point, the waiter leaned over to me and said: “Do you know that he has a date with a blonde in the next room?” He made the first two dates at the same time! ”

“He invited me to the cinema. I chose a movie. We came to the cinema and found that the film had a rating of “adult only”. He got worried and declared that he needed to call his mother. And called. She said no. The date is over. We were both 21 years old. ”

“The guy I had a date with was a funeral agent. He came after me, and in the car behind him was a corpse. “We will make a short stop at my office,” he explained.

“I was already graduating from college when I met that sweet girl. Somewhere in the middle of a date, she announced that she was considering becoming a nun a couple of weeks after graduation. At the end of the meeting, she said that she would definitely be and that I helped her make the final choice. ”

“While parking, he shed soda right on his groin. Therefore, when the girl opened the door, my first words were: “I did not wet myself.”

“On the first date, the guy asked me to smell his food – he thought it was spoiled. When I leaned over, he poked me with his face on a plate. “

“Right during the meeting, the guy accidentally sent me a message that was intended for his friend. In it he wrote that he regrets that he invited me on a date. We both looked at the phone at the same moment. The meeting continued in painful silence. “

“Once I went with the girl to the cinema, and she looked back at the whole movie at someone sitting behind. It turned out her father was sitting behind us ALL TIME. “

By Cindy
September 16, 2019

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