16 rules of living together that you are NOT obligated to abide by(Part 2)

9. We will not be closely next to each other!

Before calling the movers, pre-calculate the volumes of property acquired by overwork and square meters of shared housing. The drum kit does not fit, and you are not Tommy Lee? It is worth depositing it.

And one more thing: ideally, in a shared apartment, everyone should have a personal corner. For a man, such a place can be a table for knitting fishing flies, for a woman – a dressing table with cosmetics. External personal space is necessary, it is a continuation of the internal. The classic male space is a garage. If there is no such place, partners will seek to look for it in other places, in particular in the apartments of other men and women.

10. We will be in touch all the time!

As a rule, this idea comes to the head of the female half of the couple. As a result, for the hour that you spent in the sauna of a corporate sports club, you can get the following messages:
■ Mur-mur-mur 🙂
■ I sent you a photo of a kitten in the mail 🙂
■ Why do not answer?
■ Ok, thanks for watching.
■ Do not write to me anymore!

Agree in advance with the girl that it is not always available for communication. Say that, unfortunately, you have meetings from nine to one in the afternoon, and from three to six you are smoking dolphins as part of a team building. And, alas and ah, the authorities strictly ensure that no one is distracted by telephones at this time. But you’ll be glad to chat with her from half past two to fifteen to three. Theoretically, this should discipline her. Good luck.

11. We will always love the same things!

In the early stages of a relationship, loving one and the same is easy. You watch the same films, dress in similar plaid shirts, order identical cocktails and exclaim “Wow!” With the same intonation. But the fateful moment inevitably comes when, after the nightly offer “Well, shall we watch the series?” She downloads the series “Cities of Predators”, while you counted on the “American horror story”. The illusion of unity is crumbling.


Remember: it is normal to love different things. But you should not try to change each other, adjust for yourself in any case. Any attempt to change another to fit your idea of ​​what it should be like to heal you from the pain of loneliness is pretentious, narcissistic and, worst of all, separates you from your humanity and does not allow you to be open and close.

12. We will be inseparable

Even the most beloved creatures sooner or later bother. Therefore, there is nothing shameful (which, incidentally, is a funny word) to periodically rest from contemplating each other. For some couples, especially those who not only live, but also work together, it is better to go on vacation separately. Some fear a betrayal of a partner away from home. If a person is set up for treason, he will commit it on a street adjacent to the house. Distances are not important.

13. We will meet friends together!

Friends were given to a man in order to distract him from home life. It’s nice to meet a friend at the bar for a stack of milkshake and complain about the girl embroidering her initials on your jeans. How will you complain if a girl next to you with a needle and jeans in her hands? Leave her at home. And when she goes to meet her friends, stay home yourself. Because she also needs to lament how you extinguish the gobies in freshly cooked borsch. Personal communication deserves respect.

14. We will love each other’s relatives

I differentiated family gatherings into those that can be avoided and those that you must attend. This is what happened:
■ meaningless family gatherings for no reason;
■ Formal events such as weddings, birthdays, barmitsv and funerals. In this case, putting on a suit and supporting the girl by the elbow is your direct male representative duty.

Of course, at first you want to hug all the wonderful relatives of your chosen one! Believe me, this will pass. And you still live together. Take care of yourself.

15. We will have sex every day!

Previously, when you met three times a week, sex and meeting were inextricably linked, they went hand in hand. Now that you live together, no no yes and skip this type of joint activity. This does not mean that you have a problem, so do not rush to blame her or yourself. And be sure to remember that with the development of relationships, closeness moves to other levels. For example, a joint purchase of a pallet … Yes, in a sense, this is sad. But this is life.

16. We will sleep under one blanket!

Touching falling asleep in an embrace often leads to swelling of the hands, outflow of blood and numbness of the limbs. In the middle of the night, you wake up from a tingling cold and realize that the blanket is completely usurped by a fragile creature with a 35-meter size shoe. You decide to get your own blanket, but having informed your girlfriend about it, you can see how her eyes slowly but effectively fill with tears of deceived hopes. The illusion of a “common blanket” is one of the most common in relationships. Comfort is sacrificed for tightness and lack of sleep. Therefore, the sooner you destroy this illusion, the better. You can defend yourself against a girl who considers separate blankets a betrayal: “Different blankets are wonderful. Firstly, you will get enough sleep. Secondly, do not lose sexual attraction to each other. “

By Cindy
September 15, 2019

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