Scientists have proved that a wife should be much shorter than her husband. And that’s why!

A study that does something beyond the power of a lover, a psychotherapist, and a television set will bring clarity to your family life.

The fact that women, alas and ah, prefer tall men to their undersized relatives, science has long been known. The inexorable process of evolution has formed a firm belief in women: a lone giant will protect them better than a squad of pygmies, and also shoot down the most powerful mammoth and reach the most ripe bananas growing on the top.

The authors of the new study asked whether there is a relationship between the happiness of a woman in marriage and the growth of her chosen one (according to them, no one tried to find out before).

They conducted a study with 7850 people and found: yes, there is a dependence, and a direct one: the happiest in the matrimonial union were women whose husbands significantly exceeded them vertically. And the greater the difference in growth in favor of the husband, the happier the wife.

However, there is a nuance: such a correlation weakens over time, and after 18 years of married life disappears completely. So do not discount basketball players and models!

First, only the first 18 years will be difficult; secondly (with all due respect to scientists and their diplomas in beautiful frames), growth is not everything. History knows many precedents when a wife looks down on her husband’s top (to take at least Nicole Kidman and Kit Urbana or Carla Bruni and Nicolas Sarkozy), and nothing, they live happily, and someone even is long and rich!

By Cindy
September 12, 2019

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