How to trick a woman into science: 9 psychological tricks

If you do not deceive a woman for the sake of sex and relationships, someone else will do it. And not the fact that with good intentions. Therefore, if you are interested in a woman, feel free to use the bugs of thinking for the sake of your common good.

The illusion of expanding space
Filled space always seems more extended than empty. Therefore, for example, a house with bas-reliefs, bay windows and gargoyles looks larger than it actually is.

How to use
Want to look bigger – wear a shirt with a small pattern. This is the easiest way to use the illusion. It can be easily transferred to the sphere of psychology: the more details, patterns and curls in your life, the larger and more significant it looks. Fill your time with vaper workshops, yachting, bike rides, macramés and tuna roasting courses – and in female eyes you can easily beat a dull Nobel laureate with his only string theory.

The effect of acquaintance with the object
This is when people feel unjustified sympathy for an object only because they are familiar with it.

How to use
The girl refuses to get acquainted on the street not because you look like a photobot from the program “The Eaters of the Month”. She just doesn’t know you. Paradoxically, everything is logical for her brain. At the same time, she will easily go to watch jellyfish in Dahab with the host of the weather forecast, which until then she had seen only on the screen. This is the beauty of popularity: the people around you have the illusion of acquaintance and a sense of security. Therefore, become at least a video blogger or a deputy – it will immediately become easier to get acquainted.

Mueller – Schumann Illusion
If you lift a light load many times and then take on a heavy one, it will seem harder than it really is.

How to use
Accompanying a friend to Walmart, do not completely spare her from dragging packets into the car, but slip the lightest of them. And then ask to hold your packages while you look for keys. She will not hold them, and you will print with the girl in the subconscious as a male with an excess of physical strength, which means that it is suitable for reproduction. And no philosophical education with an internship in Kathmandu will prevent this ancient algorithm.

Irregular reinforcement
The bottom line is that unexpected and unpredictable pleasure always causes more emotions than regular and stable. Remember the difference in sensations from an unplanned bonus and from an annual bonus.

How to use
The closer-to-further strategy that women often use is just irregular reinforcement. Either she wants a child from you, then suddenly her back is numb, leave me alone. This really puts the partner on the hook, but destroys the relationship in advance, kneading them on nervousness. Do not take an example from her. It is much more correct to alternate pleasures of various kinds: today you give her a “Bentley” with peas, and tomorrow you will swim in the ice hole.

Zeigarnik effect
This is a common desire for everyone to complete any business, which is also manifested in the fact that the interrupted lesson is remembered better than the completed one.

How to use
Never bring a date to the stage when the girl starts to yawn and offers to disperse, because the sun will soon rise, and it is even more harmful to her than silver and aspen. The best way to make you think about you is to saturate the meeting with events, but to turn off under a plausible pretext, not bringing the last of the entertainment to the end. The girl does not immediately realize that she is already bombarding you with SMS messages with a proposal to repeat.

The effect of involvement
People on average tend to perceive any object as more valuable than it is if they are involved in its creation.

How to use
The biggest mistake of any man, apart from confidence in his own mental superiority over a woman, is to think that she is forever, since he does everything for her and eliminates the hassle. No, she is forever, if she herself does everything for him. Or at least a lot. A person of any gender appreciates much more those relationships in which he invested a couple of billion nerve cells and a down payment on a mortgage.

The illusion of perception of size
The size of any item can be estimated by eye, only by comparing it with the environment. Among larger, homogeneous objects, it will seem smaller, and among smaller ones, it will be larger.

How to use
People are also homogeneous objects. And girls, as you know, love men above themselves and preferably above other men. Therefore, choosing your friends, pay attention to their growth. If they are at least half a centimeter lower, it is you who will attract female looks in the company in the first place.

Functional tightness
This phenomenon, discovered by Karl Dunker, is that the use of an object in one quality psychologically interferes with its further use in another quality in the same situation.

How to use
More often this bug is used by the woman herself. The famous friend zone is a prime example. If you became a friend of the game of Russian roulette, she no longer sees a man in you. But there is good news. Instead of making your way from the friend zone to the bed, it’s easier to go first to another functional fixation, where you have power over the woman. For example, to become a coach in the same Russian roulette. The domination – submission relationship is much closer to sex than asexual friendship.

Anchor effect
Putting the “I love Brooklyn” keychain on a souvenir tray and setting a price of 200 euros will only raise the mood for everyone with a comic effect. But if the same keychain is placed in a boutique next to Gucci cufflinks, then it will pass for irony and banter at a reasonable price. That is, the main thing is what the product is compared with.

How to use
You can surround yourself for contrast, not only with worse friends, but also, on the contrary, much better – in terms of appearance and finances. You can’t even imagine how often women are unsure of themselves and look for men with defects to look better against their background. The demand for alcoholics as husbands is proof of this. Your belonging to a successful circle will calm the girl’s snobbery, and more than others, accessibility and simplicity will push right into your wide open tentacles.

By Cindy
September 11, 2019

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