After how many years will you finally feel happy in marriage!

Find out how much more you have to wait for happiness.

Perhaps the most useful and life-affirming study of recent years was conducted by scientists from two educational institutions at once: Pennsylvania State University and Brigham Young University.

We must pay tribute to the scientists and note that it is not for nothing that they receive their grants: they turned out a grandiose work. They processed data from 2034 married couples of different ages (the average among women was 35 years old, among men – 37 years old). Throughout their marriage, couples periodically filled out questionnaires aimed at identifying their degree of satisfaction with relations with a husband or wife. It turned out encouraging.

If the first 20 years of married life, the level of satisfaction with marriage steadily decreased, then after the fatal mark of 20 years – the drum roll – the couple began to enjoy each other again!

“Despite the fact that divorce is a popular phenomenon these days, many couples still live with each other all their lives,” the researchers explained. “And if we look at these relations in the long run, we will see that the level of happiness and the quality of communication remains high, and there is less disagreement.” Scientists also noted that the longer people have been married, the “deeper they value each other” and, of course, this makes them happier.

Still, if after five years of marriage you can still admit to yourself that it was a mistake, then if you have spent 20 years on a person, there is nothing left but to be satisfied! But it is, my cynical comment.

By Cindy
September 9, 2019

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