Scientists warn: do not buy a pathos car, otherwise you will die alone!

The latest research has established a clear link between the price of your car and happiness in family life.

The study that will turn your life around was conducted by American scientists, husband and wife Jessica (University of Buffalo) and Daniel Kruger (University of Michigan). They recruited a team of 233 volunteers and invited them to formulate an opinion on two characters – “thrifty Dan” and “showy Dave.”

As part of the experiment, they were each given 20,000 conditional dollars and were instructed to buy a car. Dan bought the whole amount of a car, which was not so much to his liking, but was brand new and practical. Dave, however, acquired a second-hand, but pathos copy, which exalted him in his own eyes and created the corresponding picture of him in the eyes of others. He spent 15 thousand on the car itself, and 5 thousand bought paints, large wheels and a powerful stereo system.

Participants in the experiment were asked to rate Dan and Dave according to several criteria: parenting skills, attractiveness, interest in relationships, etc. So, for the last point, the frugal got 67 points, and the window dresser got a miserable 43. Most of the experimental judges judged as follows: a guy who invested in self-promotion of his steepness is much less inclined to long-playing relationships and especially to fatherhood than the one who looks at life from a practical perspective.

Porsche owners and Buick owners, don’t hang your nose, there’s good news! Participants in the experiment will prefer you as lovers, especially when it comes to fleeting, easy communication.

By Cindy
September 5, 2019

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