People of these professions remain lonely longer than others Find your profession on the list and be terrified or rejoice (this is optional)

We leave aside lyrics like “All professions are needed, all professions are important”: you are old enough to know the truth. Not all professions are needed and important. Moreover, some are so unnecessary and not important that representatives of these professions remain lonely on average longer than representatives of other, more successful professions. It is to this conclusion that the freshest research on the topic leads us.

Moreover, the research was carried out by scientists who were not soaked with dust, who had not left the laboratories for years and had never sniffed the powder of a night club – no, it was carried out by site search analysts. They studied the personal data collected among users of the site from 2012 to 2016, and were horrified.

Well, okay, maybe they weren’t horrified, but those of the analysts who had thought of becoming a bartender in their youth were horrified. After all, it turned out that it was the bartenders who remained lonely longer than the rest: the majority of the respondents were unmarried 40-year-old bartenders. Now go through the list in decreasing percent of solitude.


  1. Bartenders – 74%
  2. Tilers – 73%
  3. Waiters – 69%
  4. Guides – 65%
  5. Flight attendants and stewardesses – 61%
  6. Mail sorters – 60%
  7. Phlebotomists (a blood collection medical worker) – 60%
  8. Porters – 58%
  9. Masseurs – 57%
  10. Jewelers – 55%
  11. Animators – 54%
  12. Hairdressers – 54%
  13. Volunteers in animal shelters – 52%
  14. Receptionists – 52%
  15. Actors – 51%

Of course, we must not forget that loneliness does not necessarily mean a dull, joyless life in which there is no place for human warmth.

On the contrary, they are sure that in the life of bartenders there is no shortage of rampant sex with barely familiar beauties whom fate destroys every night. And the actors hardly need pity. And nothing about mail sorters.

By Cindy
September 4, 2019

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