Women more easily fall in love with men who know how to act with the tongue

Scientists have again proved what you already intuitively suspected.

Scientists from the University of Buffalo (USA) conducted two studies to find out whether narrative abilities (that is, in simple terms, the ability to speak fluently) affect attractiveness for the opposite sex.

In the first experiment, participants were shown a number of photographs of people of the opposite sex. Along with the demonstration of the pictures, they were informed of whether the person is a good storyteller, where he comes from, how old he is, and whether he loves spaghetti. All photos were conditionally divided into three parts: “a good storyteller” (phrases like “rich vocabulary”, “his stories at parties are always popular”, “always knows how to make laugh”), “an ordinary storyteller” (about oratorical skills were not mentioned separately) and “bad storyteller” (“he often keeps silent in companies,” “sometimes it’s hard for him to find words to express his thoughts”).

After that, the participants in the experiment had to evaluate the photos in terms of attractiveness for dating and sex, long-term relationships and as a friend. As a result, it turned out that the ability to tell stories well makes a man more attractive in female eyes when it comes to long-term relationships.

But men absolutely do not care. The quality of a talented storyteller did not affect their perception of the attractiveness of women.

In the second experiment, questions were added to attractiveness questions: “Which of them do you think has the makings of a leader?”, “Who is worthy of admiration?”, “Who can lead?” As in the first case, women have higher Good storytellers got points.

This is explained evolutionarily. Men spread their genes widely (at least, try), and women – aiming. Men and women also spend a different amount of effort on the offspring: the former can limit themselves to only sexual contact, while women’s investments include months of pregnancy and raising offspring. Thus, men can afford to approach the choice of a partner rather frivolously, and women subconsciously look for someone who could help with raising offspring.

Scientists suggest that in primitive communities, one who could explain supernatural phenomena automatically gained power and privileges. Therefore, women at a subconscious level believe that such a partner is more promising.

It seems that you will have to postpone your crown reception of seduction – meaningful sniffling.

By Cindy
September 3, 2019

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