You decide what she will eat, and five other tips from the Middle Ages, relevant today

In our cynical age, chivalry has sunk into the past (along with the plague). It’s time to revive the tradition! (I’m talking about chivalry, not about the plague.)

Unfortunately, this does not mean that you can finally buy that cool knight costume and an inflatable sword. Rather, you will have to follow a set of rules when communicating with the opposite sex. Now I will list these rules – and you can begin.

Book for a girl in a restaurant
Of course, a fifth generation feminist will not forgive you for this. Also, you should not make a decision for a girl if you went to a place already known to you. But if you invited her to an exotic place and now she looks at a loss at the mongoose skulls on the wall, take the menu in your own hands. You see, the girl will be grateful that you pulled her out of the abyss of confusion and doubt. (Perhaps she will not be so glad when they bring her the mongoose brain stuffed with dumplings. But what can you do.)

Protect a stranger girl
Firstly, she may be pretty. Secondly, after you intercede for her, she may turn out to be not only pretty, but also familiar (how not to get to know the defender!). At the very worst, she may have a pretty friend whom the girl will tell how a stranger fearlessly protected her from an obsessive street seller of woolen socks.

Offer her your coat
Even if you think to yourself: “We agreed that we would go feed the penguins to the ice pond!” Why was it necessary to put on everything so small and cold ?! ”Silently throw the girl a coat on her shoulders and, courageously clenching her blue lips, imbued with her own generosity. By the way, the gratitude of girls can be unlimited, and there is a chance that the girl who walks in your coat today will walk in your T-shirt tomorrow. You have a housework.

Take her home just like that
Girls these days are trained in all your manifestations of care to see only harassment. And in general, they are usually right. Your task is to prove the opposite. Break up with the girl at the entrance quickly and without too much drama in the form of requests to get up to drink a glass of water or measure the pressure. Ha, yes, she still has to get you! You see, a girl who is ready for defense will be impressed by such disinterested and noble behavior for a long time.

Just get up
Get up when the girl comes to the table, and get up when she leaves him (even if she does this with the words “And do not call me again!”). So you simultaneously increase the sense of importance of the lady and knead the knee joints.

Be a carrier
You are not at all interested in why she decided to take a gramophone with her. It’s your business, without any fuss, to pick up the box from the girl’s hands and deliver it in the same place where she goes. An important detail: never, under any circumstances, help a girl carry her bag. This is perhaps the only thing with which the knight is not comme il faut to appear on the street. And if a girl starts demanding that you break this rule, she is unworthy of you.

By Cindy
September 2, 2019

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