Do you want women to like you? Wear red, scientists advise!

Immediately make a reservation that the costume of Santa Claus is not suitable for these purposes!

The question of what attracts women to a man is “a beast with many faces”: on the one hand, they recommend looking like a muscular athlete, on the other, they suggest being like all Hollywood actors at once (except Danny De Vito), then they mention the vague word “charisma” “… In a word, no clarity, sheer confusion and vacillation! It was high time to put an end to this issue.

The United States Mental Health Association decided to sort out the attractive potential of some men’s wardrobe items and published a curious study. Its essence is that women are attracted to men in red clothes.

Scientists from five universities from four countries worked together on the experiment: the Institute of Rochester (USA), the Universities of Innsbruck and Munich (Germany), the University of Southampton (England) and the Medical University in Tianjin (China).

Participants in the experiment were asked to rate the attractiveness of men in paired photographs, where they were dressed in shirts of different colors: red, green, blue, etc. It is significant that men dressed in red were most often rated by girls as “attractive”.

Scientists came to the conclusion that this is due to historical factors: in various cultures, red was considered a symbol of wealth and high status, only privileged members of society (priests, rulers, high military ranks) could wear it.

You can dig even deeper and draw parallels with the animal kingdom: the red color is a symbol of alpha males both in mammals and in more primitive animals – for example, amphipods, finches and lizards are mentioned in the study. Such males have a large amount of androgen hormones, including testosterone. Also, red color may indicate excellent physiological health and oxygen saturation of the blood.

So, on this basis, when a woman sees you dressed in red, she subconsciously perceives you as a male of excellent quality and health, whose contribution to the gene pool can be invaluable.

By Cindy
August 31, 2019

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