The guy came up with how unattractive men get acquainted with the girls in Tinder

A fresh and witty idea for the most desperate lonely souls in a matter of days received almost half a million likes!

You are 52, and you still live with geraniums and parents? This is because you get to know girls incorrectly! No need to jump out of the dark gateway shouting “How to get to the solarium?”, They don’t like this. A fresh and not without rational grain hack for the Tinder was offered by the lonely Ethan Woodford.

“A new idea for Tinder: upload all my photos upside down. Then the girls will have to rotate the phone 180 degrees to see them. Considering me a freak, they swipe to the left on the machine, but in fact to the right! Bingo! ”He wrote on his Twitter account.

The method, of course, is ambiguous: what if the girl gets attentive and quick-witted and swaps where she needs to? Or shrug it off from a man whose bald chin instead of his forehead, immediately, without any changes? What then? Back to the frozen parental den? But, it seems, he liked the Internet people yearned for without female affection. Tweet like more than 400 thousand times and about 63 000 retweeted. If you decide to use it and survive, be sure to share what happened!

By Cindy
August 29, 2019

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