These three types of people are most prone to treason

My business is to warn.

Treason – a thing so unpleasant that we try to avoid it by all known methods. Not in the sense of not changing ourselves, but being safe, so as not to change us. And here’s another batch of wisdom on infidelity from a British relationship specialist and author of the best-selling pair of Matthew Hussey.

Matthew volunteered to tell us about three types of people who are most often convicted of treason. Actually, it’s harder for them to live without betrayal, so sooner or later they turn left, even if they are in a stable relationship with their beloved partner.

So, the three types of people who are most prone to treason

  1. Daffodils
    “Treason for daffodils is, first and foremost, a way to prove to themselves how desirable they are,” Hussie stigmatizes the daffodils. “They don’t have enough love for one person, they need to be loved by everyone around them.” So if you see that your girlfriend is a pronounced daffodil – for example, she spends three hours at the mirror in the morning, like all the girls, but three, I sympathize.
  2. Unsure people
    “And I’m not talking about the uncertainty that each of us has,” Matthew explains. “I’m talking about deep-seated, deep-rooted complexes that force a person at the slightest suspicion that a partner is losing interest in them, it is feverish to seek this interest on the side.” In other words, if a girl constantly asks if you love her enough and whether you love her at all, or sighs: “You will definitely fall out of love with me,” remain vigilant.
  3. Selfish
    The most dangerous type of all three. They sincerely believe that the general rules of morality are not applicable to them, and they are ready to forgive themselves even that which is condemned in others. “They know very well that their betrayal injures their partner, but they are too preoccupied with their own pleasure to think that they are hurting someone,” Hassi escalates the atmosphere.

In general, I warned.

By Cindy
August 28, 2019

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