Your girlfriend is cheating on you, and you don’t even know, scientists assure and explain why you are so naive

The study showed that most people in a relationship are deceiving each other.

Serious relationships are impossible without minor (and not so) quarrels over vital issues: who again did not raise the toilet seat or when did he finally go to his mother. But there is a more unpleasant thing that overshadows the love idyll – betrayal.

Heartless statistics show that many couples are deceiving each other (infidelity comes first among the reasons for divorce, according to a 1997 University of Texas study). But you absolutely know for sure that your current girlfriend is completely different. Where did you get such stupid confidence? Science here is ready to help.

The study found an interesting pattern. The experiment involved 200 people who were in a relationship lasting more than two years. They passed anonymous testing, in which they answered questions about fidelity and betrayal. All participants believe that loyalty is very important, and approximately 90% are sure that the partner never deceived them. At the same time, 70% never spoke with a partner on the topic of fidelity: what is considered cheating and what is easy flirting. Also, based on the survey, the vast majority believe that approximately half of the people are cheating. But not in their pair.

This roughly corresponds to the real numbers: 40% of respondents anonymously admitted that they were not faithful to their partners. At the same time, 95% of the participants in the experiment believe in the honesty of their lovers.

The result is disappointing. As you can see, trust does not justify itself. But we do not urge you to become paranoid and throw a scandal if it turns out that your girlfriend told you that she went to a manicure, and instead did a peeling herself! (It sounds, of course, incomprehensible, but really boring things!) How to be? Improve yourself: study the commandments of life together, do not neglect physical exercises. Well, do not lose your vigilance either!

By Cindy
August 27, 2019

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