“Serendipidating” is a new trend, because of which you still do not have a pair

Another problem of difficult modern relations.

I have repeatedly written that modern technologies, instead of folding people into contented with shiny faces, disconnect them. So to say, they are doing everything so that people spend most of their lives alone, burying themselves in TV shows.

Every day we learn about a new alarming trend that spoils the earthlings personal life. And then the next one arrived. It is called “serendipidating”. So what exactly is “serendipidating”?

According to the author of the book “Parting and Converging: How to Build the Personal Life You Deserve” by psychologist Samantha Burns, “serendipidating” is a chronic expectation of something better. Especially relevant is such a desire these days, when Tinder opens up thousands of potential opportunities for dating and eyes are diverted from choice. We are not in a hurry to make an appointment with those with whom we have sympathy, we are rather sluggishly texting, because we all the time expect that instead of this “tit” a stunning “crane” will appear, which will take us to a magical land.

“People want to feel passion and awe, and immediately,” Samantha explains. – The usual ordinary sympathy is no longer enough to pull you out on a date. You continue to keep the person on a long leash and feed him promises of meeting, but all the time you wait for someone to appear better. ” Needless to say, often no one appears better, and you continue the endless sluggish correspondence with the one that, in your opinion, is not good enough, even without giving this girl the opportunity to get to know you better. At the same time, as you know, the chances of remaining in proud solitude are constantly growing.

And here’s what relationship expert Alexis Meads from Portland thinks: “If you really want a serious relationship, you have to tie it up with serendipidating. Because it doesn’t happen in life: you don’t endlessly reject job offers and you don’t choose an apartment all your life in the hope that something better will turn out. So you generally lose the part of the will that is responsible for making decisions. ”

In general, ask yourself another question: why are you sitting on dating sites? Are you really looking for a relationship or just want to kill time? And if you need a relationship, it’s time to act and make an appointment with all the girls you communicate with at Tinder (not at the same time, of course).

By Cindy
August 23, 2019

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