The most important male quality on dating sites

And this is not beauty, not a sense of humor and not the ability to show tricks with matches.

I have repeatedly told you about how to survive on dating sites: for example, which emojis to use in correspondence and which photos to put in profile, and which ones to carefully avoid.

But a recent joint study commissioned by Match Media Group (owned by Tinder and others like it) and Discover Financial Services proves that I still haven’t shared the key secret to success on a dating site. I hasten to correct.

So, did you think that women appreciate a man’s sense of humor, sharp mind or dull muscles? Undoubtedly, all this attracts female attention, but the main attractive male trait lies in the financial field. 69% of the 2 thousand polled dating site users said that the most attractive feature of a potential partner is financial literacy.

That is, not even possession of millions, but the ability to correctly manage these millions. Actually, 58% of the women surveyed said that in a man they are more impressed not by an expensive car, but by a credible credit history. (An important point: do not confuse the competent management of money with greed! The greedy girls are not held in high esteem.)

The anthropologist, curator of the study and senior researcher at the Kinsey Institute took on the attractiveness of the paid bills for the apartment: “If you have a good credit history, it is likely that other personal qualities are at their best. Financial responsibility hints at responsibility for the family and loved ones. And this speaks in your favor much more eloquently than an expensive car. ” She went even further, calling the choice of a partner based on financial literacy a “Darwinian approach to measuring reproductive ability.”

Unfortunately, the study did not shed light on how you unobtrusively boast about your financial literacy in front of girls from a dating site. Still, the profile picture that you are smiling at, shaking hands with a bank employee, is too bold.

You can try periodically posting on your Instagram photos of payments on loans, and attach the Instagram profile to your profile on a dating site (this can be done, for example, in Tinder).

Well, or invite a girl to your home with the phrase: “Do you want me to show you my collection of paid bills?”

By Cindy
August 22, 2019

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