Gatsbing – what is it? Explain the meaning of the popular relationship trend

You probably came across this phenomenon, but did not know that he has such a beautiful name.

Life moves forward with tremendous speed, and relationships keep up with it! As soon as we learned what bridging is, how the next definition arrived – gatsbing. And yes, the word is formed from what you think. But only if you think so: “Surely the word is somehow connected with the Fitzgerald’s novel“ The Great Gatsby ”.

Indeed, gatsbing is a direct descendant of Jay Gatsby, who threw luxurious parties in the hope that it was Daisy who would drop by them. Gatsbing fans today are still lighter: they don’t need to become millionaires to lure the love of a lifetime with fanciful luxury. It is enough for them to use social networks.

For the first time, the term “gatsbing” appeared on the vast expanses of the Reddit forum in 2017. Then he was picked up by bloggers, and finally he took his rightful place in the Urban Dictionary.

So what does gatsbing mean in modern realities? Here’s what: when you post a photo on social networks, a quote from Omar Khayyam or an event in order to attract the attention of not all friends, but a single person. In this case, friends who looked, for example, story, are perceived as a background. The main thing is that the same girl looked at the story.

In general, if you notice that you are posting something for one person, congratulations: you have gatsbing. You keep pace with modern trends.

By Cindy
August 19, 2019

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