How to get respect from your woman (13 golden rules)

  • Pity yourself silently

There are times when it is simply necessary to resort to such a potent remedy as the sympathy of loved ones. But normal relatives will understand it when you need it. Especially women, usually so generous with this feeling. It is not necessary to stimulate female pity with tearful stories about how they do not love you, do not appreciate, offend. Yes, and mosquitoes bitten! Till blood!!!

You can feel sorry and respect a person at the same time, but not when he insists on comforting himself for nothing.

  • Be able to do something really cool

It’s cool, of course, to be a great cellist, surgeon or mathematician, but the ability to, say, masterfully cut a sausage into thin slices, brilliantly whistle in two fingers or shuffle cards is no worse than a real croupier. Respect for professionalism in women is even more developed than in men.

  • Do not be silent when she does nasty things
    What is good and what is bad, we learn so firmly in childhood that, even if experience makes significant adjustments to “ashamed to offend the little ones,” etc., we still always know the true price of our actions. So if you become indifferent to silence at the moment when your girlfriend will have fun telling you how they poison the whole department for the creepy nail design or how she did not return the money to the miscreant cashier, your silence will be regarded as complicity in this trick. And, therefore, deep down she will consider you a heartless scammer, since it’s much easier for us to judge another person than ourselves. We do not urge you to make fiery reeducational speeches – it will be enough if you just say that you don’t like it all, because doing so is not good. Even if she is inflating now, the thought that you are a decent and respectable person will be put aside on a special shelf.
  • Do not suck
    Cute coo between lovers can take many different forms. Very often, our species practices the so-called “maternal feeding” ritual, when one of the partners pretends the behavior of the cub, and the second – the parent. The presence of such a ritual in our sexual program is due to all sorts of important ethological reasons, but we would recommend that you remove it from our menu. All of these “little dogs want a goose” and “kitties will be kushanki and slops”, pronounced in squeaky voices, are quite appropriate in the ladies’ repertoire. But when a man uses them, he causes a woman in love with a surge of maternal feelings that are beautiful and all that, but, alas, have very little to do with respect. Someday you will still get out of bed, and the desire to spank you and check the purity of your ears in a girl may remain forever.
  • Do not humiliate her
    A very frequent answer to curses in all languages ​​of the world is “Himself so!”. That is, a person defined as, for example, swamp aphid does not at all strive to immediately prove to his opponent his non-belonging to the aphids superfamily.

No, he usually reacts, saying that he hears it from the same aphid, from the spider mumps, from the mushroom senseless. This is a normal defensive reaction. Just as in a real battle, a falling fighter tries not so much to get on his feet as to drag an opponent onto the floor, so in a verbal battle, the humiliated seeks to loudly or silently captivate the offender. The more often you humiliate her, the lower you fall in her eyes, even if you are always right in everything, but she is not. Her subconscious will try to protect the hostess’s self-esteem, reducing you to the level of microscopic muck, whose grades can be missed by the ears because of their insignificance. Condemn, if necessary, not her own actions, but her actions: she can abstract from them and take your criticism reasonably.

  • Do not tell her about your sex life

Rich sexual experience, in principle, usually does not harm a man in female eyes. But only on one condition: you do not spread about him. The ability to keep secret what is happening in the bedroom arouses respect among women, and your secrecy in this matter will intrigue, but will not offend her. In addition, the ability to control their desires and not too follow the instinct of reproduction, women also consider respectable masculine property. So the image of a playboy athlete is more likely to disappoint them than the image of the “many surviving people” so beloved by the novelists.

  • Help without her asking

A request for help in itself is, for our subconscious, a fee for this help. Therefore, unexpected help is perceived internally with much greater gratitude, even if we are talking about a complete trifle like changing a light bulb or fastening a zipper on the back.

  • Respect Yourself
    It is very difficult to respect a person who does not respect himself. There are a lot of such people: they love themselves, cherish, regret – anything, just do not respect. Since they know for sure: there’s nothing at all.

By the way, respecting yourself does not mean talking about yourself in the third person with a respectful aspiration. To respect yourself, it is enough to observe only two rules:
a) do not commit acts that you yourself assess as dishonest, even if everyone does this and it is convenient, safe and pleasant;
b) if you know that it will be right to do something, do it even if you don’t feel like it and still no one will appreciate it.

By Cindy
August 18, 2019

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