How to get respect from your woman (13 golden rules)

The love of even the best girl in the world sooner or later bothers. I want more – respect. Women’s respect and boring soon, and is inexpensive.

Why do you need this? Yes, in general, there is no need. Millions of men live perfectly next to women who don’t put them in a penny, and are not particularly worried about this. It’s even convenient for them: being in the eternal role of gouging irresponsible, swaggering untidy and divine punishment of a wide spectrum of action, you can throw off the lion’s share of tedious partnership responsibilities.

Another thing is that women who respect their partners feel much happier, calmer and more secure.

But to realize this ancient covenant, they, poor fellow, need a corresponding husband, because before the hamster, say, you can at least kneel down, at least crawl in a plastic way, but you still can’t look at him with a happy look.

Businesswoman yelling in businessman’s ear

In pairs, let’s say, primitively thinking, the question was solved simply. It was enough to warm the missus with a stone at the crown to put everything in its place. Now this method works only for very specific population groups.

A husband-adviser, a husband-protector, a husband-teacher, an ideal husband, in an effort to equal that which the ladies are working hard on themselves, is an archetype that even the most notorious feminists admit, although they never admit it out loud.

From there, all these endless checks for lice. Naughty, arranging scenes, behaving illogically, women subconsciously try you for strength. And I must say, very often we brilliantly fail these tests. Although in order for a girl to respect you (albeit carefully hidden), it is not at all necessary to be a hybrid of Schwarzenegger with an academician. It is enough to adopt, for example, at least some of the following points.

  • Do not scream

Even newborn kittens can raise their voices against opponents, so the ability to make loud noises at times of excitement does not give you weight at all. Representatives of our species use the cry in order to: a) call the rest of the pack for help; b) bring yourself into a sufficiently excited state, preparing to repulse the enemy; c) scare the enemy.

Therefore, a cry is a sign of weakness, a sign that you are almost losing control of the situation, for which we are already attracting the last reserves.

Children shout more often than women, women shout more often than men. Very strong men do not raise their voices at all. Because they don’t need to.

  • Do not be petty
    This is not only about scandals with waiters who squeezed 49 rubles of change. Pettiness is a willingness to lead heavy guns into an attack on the most insignificant occasion. Women suspect (often quite justifiably) of a man who is so stupidly wasting his time, energy and energy that he is weak at aiming at larger goals.
  • Envy in the right way
    Envy is a great tool that makes us compete with each other and therefore push the wheel of world progress. Unfortunately, envy makes some people not run faster than a neighbor, but to look for ways to make a neighbor stop running so fast (and preferably forever). Such envy is almost openly manifested in phrases such as “He is cunning like all the Jews” or “You cannot make money on such a machine only if you steal.” Such phrases always have an inaudible continuation for our interlocutors: “But I am stupid and inactive” or “At least if I work the way I work.”

To envy someone out loud is like signing your own worthlessness, since in this way you will admit that: a) you want something that your opponent has; b) not able to achieve his goal. Envy does not cause respect for women. Not women, however, either.

Better do so that they envy you, and along with her. First of all, do not be stingy and give her good perfumes – so everyone will know that she has a generous and attentive gentleman. Yes, I know, you get these little things, but you will see: you will instantly become a romantic in her eyes with a great sense of taste, and she will receive pleasant compliments from her friends as compliments to her friends about how cute he is, how touching it is, and clapping hands.

  • Do not rush to judge anyone

To dishonest ways to arouse respect, you should also respect.

  1. Introducing her to friends, persuade them in every possible way to demonstrate their admiration for you. Then you have beer.
  2. Print out a couple of thanks for saving the drowning, buy a diploma from the winner of the tournament in intellectual martial arts in the subway and casually put it somewhere where it will certainly find it. Answer the questioning: “Yes, it’s such nonsense that it’s not worth talking about it!” And don’t talk.
  3. When discussing the exploits of all martyrs, do not forget to hint that you would do the same in their place. Even if you know for sure that no.
  4. Get drunk and ask her a thousand times “Do you respect me?”, Demanding affirmative answers. When we say a statement aloud, we often begin to believe in it ourselves.

Eastern wisdom says that the enemy must be chosen more carefully than the other. A man who easily hangs the labels of “goat,” “idiot,” “scoundrel,” and so on, gives women a fair suspicion that he is not really ready to fight with anyone, and his anger and contempt mean nothing .

  • Recognize someone else’s right

It’s very difficult to admit that you were wrong. Weak people never do this. Even when they are asked in the forehead: “Well, now do you admit that you were mistaken?” – at best they laugh and change the subject or start looking for ridiculous excuses, which, in turn, causes the interlocutors to be irritated and dismissive of them attitude. For strong people, their gigantic supply of self-esteem will not be impaired by the recognition that they were mistaken somewhere. For this reason, they have no such problems.

By Cindy
August 17, 2019

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